PHEW! I just had a shock of horror as I observed that my Physics exam on October 5th was the same night as John Hodgman’s appearance in Philly. Fortunately, my professor told the class that the exam should be over before 6, giving me an hour to get to the Free Library before John arrives at 7. Close call!

The season premiere of Veronica Mars was supposed to premiere online tomorrow, a week before it aired. But lo and behold, it got leaked today! Three cheers, for the “frak” will go some way in making up for me not watching Battlestar Galactica! (I am SO GLAD Psych, Doctor Who, and The Dresden Files don’t start up until this stupid semester is over.) Though I’m really not digging the new credits. Don’t mess with my Dandy Warhols, yo.

Studio 60? Love. Though like The West Wing before it, it makes me wish real life was more like the show.

In other TV news, Tim Minear has joined Standoff as a consulting producer. First Gina, now Tim? I guess this makes one more show I’ll have to catch on DVD. Provided it goes to DVD, of course. With Tim’s track record, I doubt it’ll last fourteen episodes. :D And not to worry, Drive is still a midseason contender.

Internet Celebrities talk dance about Net Neutrality. Hilarious! Though don’t let the humor of their presentation undermine their message. Net Neutrality must be preserved. Take action and call your congressman!

Moviewise, we’ve got a bunch of high-res images from Order of the Phoenix! Umbridge is perfect, but oh DanRad, what have you done to your hair? Luna’s eyes are so very Luna, but Neville looks unsettlingly like Hitler shaved his moustache.

We now also have got a (teaser?) poster for Hogfather. Good thing it’s slated for Christmas and the 3D Nightmare Before Christmas re-release is in October. We don’t want to oversaturate the “skeletons playing Santa” market. :D

And finally, aww! James Marsters is going to be in a real movie! And James, “P.S. I Love You”? The initials thing is way too obvious. I know you love me, but darling, you’re twice my age. It would never work. :D