Time for a random update!

I finished the first 2/5 of my math homework, now five sections instead of three! I should compose a song about it, to the tune of “I got a jar of di-irt.”

*does a jig*

Last night I attended a staged version of John Irving’s A Prayer for Owen Meany. The first act was excellent, but the second act was atrocious and easily three times the length it needed to be. Ah well. I understand it’s still being workshopped, so hopefully they’ll fix some of the more glaring problems. Tonight, I saw Aaron and pals in Much Ado About Nothing, which was hilarious and awesome. Three cheers (and lots of revelry) for all involved!

Now tallying 16 days without my stuff, CollegeBoxes remains useless, and I am now being told that someone will get in touch with me early next week. Wow, that sure is helpful, especially seeing as I got the “We’ll call you in the next 48 hours” line last Tuesday, and I had to call them.

And back to the grindstone for me.