My usual regime is to work out on weights for 30 minutes, then do cardio on the treadmill for 45 minutes, which burns just under 300 calories. Today, I did weights as usual, then went for 70 minutes, going 4.8 miles, burning 600 calories. I could have stayed on longer, but Mum was waiting for me. Clearly, “I Rock” is not just a country plagued by sectarian violence and a crippled infrastructure. And here up until now, I always thought the “runner’s high” was a great conspiratorial joke among jocks, invented to boggle the minds of the gullible sedentary.

In other news, the Good Omens movie appears to be back on! Helmed by Terry Gilliam, of course. And to my glee, Robin Williams is too busy to be Aziraphale! That casting made my brain hurt. Johnny Depp and Jonathan Pryce are out as well, probably due to PotC III-related issues, but I’m not bothered. I look forward to the rampant casting speculation!

Oh, and we have the cover for White Night, ninth in The Dresden Files, coming this April.

And Will sent me a video that the world must see: Star Trek does Monty Python.

And finally, if you have not seen the clip from the Emmys of Jon and Steven presenting the award for Best Reality Show, you need to now. Conan’s opening montage and opening number are highly amusing, as well! There are a bunch more Daily Show-related clips here.