(This entry was started Sunday night, but oh well.)

I come home to fandom horrors! Well, not really horrors per se, but at least mild irritation.

It turns out that there are only eight episodes of Psych in the first series. After next week, there won’t be any new episodes until the new year. I guess I’ll have to look forward to January for new episodes of time-travelling aliens, paranormal detectives, and fake psychics.

Also, it turns out I missed the much-touted 200th episode of Stargate, which I had down as September 18th rather than August 18th. Ah well. It’s going to be replayed this Friday at 6/5c.

But then, there’s oodles of fandom glee to offset it! I will soothe my ire with this list of hilarious Psych quotes. Remind me… why aren’t you watching? And speaking (in passing) of time-travelling aliens, check out this awesome Barty Crouch fanvid thingy. I need to see GoF again. And maybe some second series Doctor Who. David Tennant is so much fun to watch!

Snakes on a Plane music video filk of Band on the Run. (Thanks to Rebecca!) And Tanja’s inspired Snakes on a Plane as The Little Prince and Rebecca’s Snakes on a Roadtrip.

I’ve never seen Scrubs, but I just might watch the musical episode written by the Avenue Q team.

A hilarious post I had to link to: Astronomers are as bad as Fandom.

Apparently the V for Vendetta DVD has Natalie Portman’s SNL video as an Easter Egg.

Subway maps for your ipod!

Insanely awesome: Firefox crop circle!

The Areas of My Expertise: Paperback Edition! Now even more complete! And check out John’s snazzy touring info! He’s coming to the Free Library of Philadelphia at 19th and Vine (where I first met Terry Pratchett) October 5th. And Jonathan Coulton will be there, too! W00t!