Some collected links:

Mac vs. PC ads: Revenge!

Donny Deutsch totally pwns Ann Coulter

Though there’s still something about it that galls me, I’m slowly warming up to the Dresden teaser, now up on YouTube.

A live autopsy with Gunter Von Hagens

Right-wing pundit John Stossel argues for the legalization of selling organs.

Stem Cells: Senator Brownback BRINGS THE CRAZY.

The Daily Show: Ted Stevens on those Internet Tubes and John Hodgman on Net Neutrality

The Comic Stylings of George W. Bush: German Pig Edition

Weird Al Can Rhyme!

I got sick of the old layout and its hideous color scheme, so I decided to go monochrome. I know it works in IE, but I don’t have Mozilla at work, so let me know if anything is broken at your ends. Comments seem to be working, at least! Though it looks like I’ll have to keep fiddling with the linkbacks. There are a couple other things I need to change, but I don’t have FTP at work, so they’ll have to wait. La!

Cartoon image at the top by Bruce Eric Kaplan, used without permission. Three cheers for The New Yorker!

How did I go so many years without Mozilla? Now I can’t live without it. I’ve been on a computer with only IE for two weeks, and I’m ready to napalm the thing.

Tabbed browsing. That’s all I ask!

Though having all my handy plugins would be nice.

Fiction Alley has a new front page graphic in honor of its fifth birthday! Featuring art by Alicey, Magsby, Ani Bester, Shannon (Pennswoods), and yours truly. Check it out!

Dude. Dude. I got a new belt the week before last when I was shopping for piratey clothes for PotC, and I just barely could cinch it to the second notch. Now, two weeks later, I’m cinching it to the third no problem. TWO WEEKS. And I got a new pair of pants at the beginning of the summer, and now they swim on me. They were meant to be a bit loose, but now I can pull them off without unbuttoning them. I bought a pair one size down the same day as the belt, and they seemed a bit tight at first, but now they fit perfectly.

I feel fantastic about myself, and I’m even eating what I want! I’ve more-or-less eliminated pasta from my diet, but I find I don’t miss it terribly. I’ve cut down on portion sizes, but I still feel full. The places I’ve been going for lunch with the ReelFX guys haven’t really offered much in the way of healthy dining, and while I’ve been trying to make good choices, I don’t really have much to work with. But I’m still losing inches and look and feel great. My thighs have visibly slimmed down. I’m definitely continuing this exercise routine when I get back to school! An hour and a half four days a week is easily worth feeling this great.

Would it be morally wrong to set George Bush on fire at this point?

How do politicians justify barring potentially life-saving research, instead choosing to let the embryos be THROWN IN THE TRASH? They do realize that less than a third of the country actually opposes stem-cell research, and a lot of that is probably due to the inexplicable spew suggesting stem-cell research is tantamount to abortion. Don’t they get that the embryos are being destroyed anyway? Better that their demise brings new hope for cures to debilitating diseases.

My grandmother has Alzheimers. Excuse me if I don’t want anyone to have to experience the pain she and her family are going through.

First veto in 5 1/2 years. I can’t think of a word filthy enough to describe how I feel about Bush right now.

Feh. Two disappointments tonight. Chungy and I watched the series premiere of our much-anticipated Eureka, but it was kind of dumb. I’ll watch the second episode to be sure, but for the time being, it’s off my Grand List of Fall Shows. I found it flat and lifeless, when I was expecting it to be more whimsical. And it utterly failed to bring the funny, which is high on my list of priorities. I’ll be watching Psych instead.

Then during Eureka, we got our first real ad for The Dresden Files TV show, which was spectacularly lame. But I remind myself that the first ads for Firefly were also spectacularly lame and their overall tone bore no resemblance to the show itself, so I’m still hopeful. At least I’ll always have the books.

But we did get that long, lovely trailer for season 3 of Battlestar Galactica! And any time I’m with Chungy is time well spent, so huzzah!

Thanks to the impeccable taste of my friend Will, you can add Psych to my list of Shows to Watch This Fall, Fridays at 10/9c on USA. It premiered last week, and you can download the Pilot for free off iTunes. The basic premise: A guy with an excellent memory and strong deductive skills fakes being a psychic detective because it’s more believable than the truth. Hilarity ensues.

*giddily waits for the second episode to dowload off iTunes*

Adventures in Font Matching: Firefly and Serenity!

Is it sad that I find this kind of sexy? Ah well. *thumbs nose at Chungy for thinking me a geek for knowing the name of the font used on the Dresden Files covers and parts of Battlestar Galactica*

Agency FB Bold Extended, by the way.

And it cracks me up that Fox used 1979–the font I will forever associate with Animorphs, but is probably more recognizable today as the Spider-Man movie font–to advertise Firefly. Check out the original Fox ads here and here. I’m amazed it’s taken this long for them to surface!

For those that don’t care about fonts, um… here’s Oedipus Rex in 8 Minutes, Performed By Vegetables. And the font they use for the title is the same as the one used for the Sci-Fi short “The Ore,” and looks like an ancestor font of Lumos, the font used for chapter headings and such in the Harry Potter books, and the sub-font looks a lot like the one used on the Star Wars website circa The Phantom Menace. Shutting up now.