Just arrived in Boston, after a somewhat staggering series of unfortunate events. No relatives were killed by a demented actor out to steal my family fortune, but there did include an entire concourse being shut down at my connecting airport due to a security breach! And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Full story at 11, after I watch Psych tonight at 10. (Dude. Seriously. It’s hilarious. It’s like my heir apparent to Wonderfalls, insofar as any other show in existence can even hold a candle to the hilarity of Wonderfalls. Why aren’t you watching?)

My foray into the city was delayed slightly when I realized my digital camera batteries were near dead, so I’m chilling in my hotel room and unwinding for a few minutes while I build up a decent charge. I’m staying at the Harvard Club (because every other hotel in Boston is either booked or asking for one year’s college tuition per night due to the insanity of SIGGRAPH). The room is smallish, but the view from my hotel room window is awesome. It looks right only Commonwealth Avenue, which my handy Boston travel guide bills as Boston’s answer to the Champs-Elysees. Also: free wireless internet! Huzzah!

And wow, that camera battery recharged a lot quicker than I imagined it would. Maybe it wasn’t as near dead as I’d imagined. I’m off!