Handy! I just won a free pre-ordered DVD of The Ore! Shinyness.

Anyway, I got distracted by Battlestar Galactica, and I haven’t checked my flist since Thursday. Therefore, there’s quite a lot of stuff I want to pass on to you guys!

This just in: Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi is a ROCK STAR.

Also a rockstar is BRAD NEELY of “Wizard People, Dear Reader!” His fantastic Ode to George Washington will be stuck in my head for weeks. Just in time for July 4th!

Check out this summary for an earlier, longer script for Serenity, now with happy ending! I wonder how much fanfiction will be written in this universe. I look forward to the whole thing inevitably being posted online.

And there’s a fair-sized character named Dresden! I know there’s 99.99999999% likelihood that there’s no connection whatsoever, but in the darkest, fannishest corners of my mind, I like to think Joss is nodding back to Jim Butcher for working the partial names of nearly all the Buffy characters into his books.

And speaking more of Joss, the latest totally unfounded internet rumor is that he’s currently in talks with 23-year-old Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra to play Wonder Woman. This would be hilarious, as she has a large role in the newly-released (in India) Krrish, the big singing and dancing Bollywood superhero movie! But it obviously can’t be confirmed, because Jimmy hasn’t posted hot pictures of the actress in his Journal yet. :D

One degree of separation from Joss is this Interview with Tim Minear on Drive. It was amusing to see him making reference to Zoic’s opening sequence, which Loni Peristere described to me when we chatted at Industry Giants. And I like that he’s *encouraging* fans to download episodes of The Inside, due to nonexistent DVD prospects.

Check out this hilarious collection of Things That Will Happen In HP Book 7, then linked from Makani: Snape sings “Be Prepared”!

Linked from Tanja: The US Versus John Lennon

Stephen Colbert Presents World of ColbertCraft! More details here.