Random Fannishness:

Lost. Wow. Great gravy, Locke is awesome. And clean-shaven wee!Locke has a lovely smile. And good LORD Sayid’s cameo was sexy. Everything that man does is sexy. And though the lack of C/C-age was mildly disappointing, they’re clearly making up for it next week. That promo, GUH.

George. Stop it. Right now. In case you hadn’t noticed, Spaceballs: The Flame Thrower was intended to be utterly ridiculous and nonsensical. Star Wars: the Lawn Sprinkler is just sad.

On the other hand, this opportunity to help Amazon tell Universal that we support Serenity is happy happy!

Blurbs for upcoming Discworld goodness!

Oh, and Happy Belated Birthday to Juliet Landau! 40 yesterday!

And not fannish, but still dorky and/or entertaining:
A new format for music!