Meme from Nicki: Take the first 20 songs that come up on your playlist on random and add “in my pants” to the end. (As you can see, I got really carried away.)

  1. Weird Al — I Remember Larry in My Pants
  2. Avenue Q — Fantasies Come True in My Pants
  3. Tori Amos — Wrapped Around Your Finger in My Pants (now that just sounds wrong)
  4. Beatles — Two of Us in My Pants
  5. Phantom of the Opera — Down Once More/Track Down This Murderer In My Pants
  6. Stanford Fleet Street Singers — You Always Hurt the One You Love in My Pants
  7. Les Miserables — Confrontation In My Pants
  8. Pink Floyd — The Happiest Days of Our Lives in My Pants
  9. Jekyll and Hyde OSC — How Can I Continue On in My Pants
  10. Tori Amos — Let It Be in My Pants (almost as good as “Let it Be… Naked”)
  11. Once More With Feeling — Wish I Could Stay in My Pants
  12. Yellow Submarine — Sea of Holes in My Pants (yay! One that is not actively dirty!)
  13. Tori Amos — Mermen in My Pants
  14. Stephen Speaks — Out of My League in My Pants
  15. Once More With Feeling — I’m Under Your Spell in My Pants
  16. Pink Floyd — Money in My Pants
  17. The Chipmunk Adventure (shut up) — Wully Bully in My Pants
  18. How To Succeed… OBCR — A Secretary Is Not A Toy in My Pants (too easy)
  19. Les Choristes — Les Choristes dans Mes Pantalons
  20. Rent OBCR — Over the Moon in My Pants
  21. Little Shop of Horrors NBCR — Finale Ultimo (Don’t Feed the Plants) in My Pants (it rhymes!)
  22. Tori Amos — Merry Little Christmas in My Pants
  23. Phantom of the Opera — Magical Lasso in My Pants
  24. Chicago NBCR — We Both Reached For the Gun in My Pants
  25. Les Miserables OLC — Lovely Ladies in My Pants
  26. Van Morrison — Someone Like You in My Pants
  27. Little Shop of Horrors OBCR — Suddenly, Seymour in My Pants (*snort*)
  28. Wicked — What is this Feeling in My Pants
  29. The Full Monty OBCR — Big-Ass Rock in My Pants
  30. Bat Boy OOBCR — Ugly Boy in My Pants
  31. DaVinci’s Notebook — Secret Asian Man in My Pants
  32. Little Shop of Horrors NBCR — Suppertime in My Pants (SO WRONG)
  33. Chicago NBCR — I Can’t Do it Alone in My Pants
  34. Les Miserables Original London Cast — On My Own in My Pants
  35. Angel: Life Fast Die Never — Start the Apocalypse in My Pants
  36. Wicked — I’m Not That Girl in My Pants
  37. How to Succeed OBCR — Brotherhood of Man in My Pants
  38. Barenaked Ladies — Pinch Me in My Pants
  39. Pink Floyd — The Thin Ice in My Pants
  40. Tori Amos — Leather in My Pants
  41. Jekyll and Hyde Studio Cast Recording — A New Life in My Pants
  42. Tori Amos — Pretty Good Year in My Pants
  43. Jekyll and Hyde Studio Cast Recording — Streak of Madness in My Pants
  44. Tori Amos — Pirates in My Pants
  45. Bride and Prejudice (in Hindi) — No Life Without Wife in My Pants
  46. Ben Lee — We’re All in This Together in My Pants
  47. Tori Amos — I’m On Fire in My Pants
  48. Pink Floyd — Hey You in My Pants
  49. Phantom of the Opera — Poor Fool (He Makes Me Laugh) in My Pants
  50. Pink Floyd — Wish You Were Here in My Pants

I am far too entertained.

Oh, and now that I have iTunes, I can do the iTunes meme!

How many songs in total?
1471 (I’m running low on disk space)

Sort by Song Title – first and last?
…To Save the World — Core 13
Ziggy Stardust — David Bowie

Sort by Artist – first and last?
Men of Station — 13+God
Pearls — (something using Japanese characters)

Sort by Time – first and last?
Bonus Track — DaVinci’s Notebook (from Brontosaurus)
Wizard People, Dear Reader (part 2)

Sort by Album – first and last? (ignoring everything with no album listed)
Passion — 1 Giant Leap
Yellow Submarine in Pepperland — The Beatles/Yellow Submarine

Top Ten Played Songs:

Looking over the top 10, I see that I haven’t been using iTunes long enough for it to really cast any insight, but the top songs included chunks of “Abbey Road”, “Once More, With Feeling”, “Angel: Live Fast Die Never”, Dragostea din Tei, and Rasputin.

Find “sex” – how many songs show up?
Middlesex Times — Donnie Darko soundtrack
Sexy Sadie — The Beatles

Find “death” – how many songs show up?
Death! — Danny Elfman, Edward Scissorhands
Even in Death — Evanescence

Find “love” – how many songs show up?
I’m not typing 32 song titles. Wow, and think of how many dozens more I’d have if I had all my early Beatles music on iTunes… But hah, the first one on “Shuffle” was “My Baby’s In Love with Eddie Vedder” (Weird Al), so I’m entertained. (And the second: “I Hate Being in Love With Elijah Wood” *snort*)