For those of you who couldn’t bring yourselves to watch last week’s episode of “The Mountain”, was kind enough to assemble this clip of just James Marsters’ scenes. Thank you,!

Also, Joss is apparently not out of the running for X3! Series producer Lauren Shuler Donner is quite a Joss fan, we learn. :D

Meanwhile, on BandwagonSpotting:

randomly bursting into song is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

Too true!

I tried it again and got “Simon/Kaylee is love” which makes me very happy, though I’m more in favor of “great and t00by loff” rather than “love” for them. Bwaha, fluff! *squeaks* So last night I was listening to the Firefly commentaries while looking through books from the SMU library for my Film History research paper, and my great and t00by loff for Jane Espenson continues to grow. Apparently, in Shindig, she was going to have Simon and Kaylee dancing in the second-to-last scene, which makes my poor shipper’s heart squee with nearly-canon glee and merriment. She’s a shameless Spuffy shipper and she writes adoreable fluff for Simon and Kaylee? Good gravy I love this woman! Band Candy, A New Man, Superstar, Triangle, Intervention, After Life, Life Serial, Storyteller… and that’s only a fraction of the eps she wrote. We can certainly find it in our hearts to forgive you for “Flooded”. ESPENSON LOVE!

Dear Joss,

In the Objects in Space commentary, you gripe about Simon and Kaylee not getting a chance to kiss before the series was cancelled. You can do something about it! With Inara mostly out of the picture, who will be the movie’s Big Love? I trust you to make the right decision!



*pauses, reads over entry* You know, sometimes I scare even myself.

Then I tried it again and got “men at arms–the musical is love”. Bwaha. Then “procrastinating is love”, which I took as a hint. Back to work!