Woohoo! Today, in our family tradition, we celebrated a combined Thanksgiving/my birthday. I totally cleaned up! I got some very cute tops from my mom and sister, plus a fabulous velveteen jacket I’m wearing right now. I got a fun bracelet and a pair of earrings from Aunt Janet and Uncle Lew (the earrings will be passed on to my sister, as my ears aren’t pierced), and the Firefly DVDs from the family. *does the dance of joyful Joss-age* Man, I’ve been drooling over those DVDs for months! Mmmmmm, Firefly. I shall finally get to listen to the DVD commentary! And while working on long-neglected CGs! Man, I love the holidays. If only I could find a subtle way to drop hints to my parents about the RotK:EE DVD… such as posting an entry in my blog, which they both read. Durr. Yeah, I’m quick.

Oh, and in my last entry, I note that I neglected to mention those Americans who for one reason or another choose to celebrate Thanksgiving with the consumption of the noble entree of Tofurkey. Be proud, noble eaters of tofurkey!

So anyway, I was looking over my aunt and uncle’s massive desk of photos, and I saw two I hadn’t seen before: my aunt uncle with George W. Bush and the other of them with Jimmy Carter. Wow, could you get any further apart on the international relations front? Good gravy. Of course, after glimpsing Bush’s smirk next to my aunt and uncle’s smiling faces, I had to clutch the Jimmy Carter photograph to my chest and quietly hum to myself while rocking back and forth in their desk chair for a few minutes.

Um… in other Thanksgiving news, here’s a commentary about Pangs, the Buffy Thanksgiving ep. Bwahaha, good episode. A yam sham, funny syphillis, femaleempowerment!Harmony, littlematchgirl!Spike… gotta love 4th season Spike. Okay, so I love every season Spike. Moving on. Ooh! And Whedonesque has squeeful news about Joss’ “Astonishing X-Men”! TV Guide picked the Astonishing X-Men Vol. 1 TPB as a top holiday gift (even though the TPB isn’t coming out until January 12th, I’m given to understand?), and Wizard Magazine have announced that the comic book is their “2004 Book of the Year”. Snaps for Joss! And to get all my Joss links and comments in one basket, here’s a note from Summer Glau (River) regarding the delay in the Serenity release date. And here’s another from Jewel Staite (Kaylee). I’m given to understand some of the other actors have come forward to express their thoughts, but Jewel and Summer are the only ones I’ve encountered. EDIT: Scratch that! Here’s a message from Adam Baldwin (Jayne)! And immediately below, a note from Keith R.A. DeCandido, the guy writing the novelization.

In other fandom news, Peter Jackson is posting video diaries on Kong is King.net, and MAN has he lost weight! And the glasses, too. And is it just me, or does he look in this picture slightly like Dom? Anyway, he no longer resembles my high school physics teacher, which is sad.

And to finish off this entry, a non sequitor! Literally! It’s ObviousMan: The Movie!