*snorks* Oh, Lordy. We have a new mascot, and oh my good gravy, it looks like a giant muppet. Our previous mascot‘s appearance was rather appropriate for a team dubbed “The Fighting Quakers,” guaranteed to give one nightmares (is it sad that the only image of our mascot I could find in 5 minutes of Googling is from my own website?) in its infinite scaryness. Just look at those eyes! It wants your babies for its supper.

Well, the DP (Daily Pennsylvanian and not the Daily Prophet, much to my chagrin) had a back-page story on the new mascot, including a rather poor photograph of the horrifying creation. I am gobsmacked. Look at its little hands! But then, I guess it could be worse. In honor of our new mascot, here’s a list of

Top 5 UPenn Mascots That Would Be Worse Than What We Have Now!

5. The Ugly Fish — I’ve been lobbying for this for ages. Fighting Quakers are not intimidating. Ugly Fish you just don’t want to mess with. Derived from the hideous and random heraldic element of UPenn crest, a dolphin (the fish, not the mammal), which was apparently taken from the Franklin crest. Why anyone would want to associate their family with an ugly fish is beyond me. Some people juggle geese, I guess.

4. Angel Puppet — If we’re looking for intimidating puppet mascots, the Angel Season 5 episode Smile Time‘s, “Angel Puppet” would be a fitting mascot for any athletic team! Not only did he manage to thoroughly trounce Spike in a brief tussle–not to mention a half dozen assorted puppet demons in an all-out puppet brawl–but also managed a greater range of facial expression than actor David Boreanaz.

3. Shaking Quakers — In an effort to involve community values as well as athletics in this manifestation of school spirit, we could replace the Fighting Quakers with the Shaking Quakers (or “Shakers”), a religious group formed in 18th century England when dissidents from various religions, including English Quakers and Methodists, formed a religious study based on prophetic doctrine. As an added bonus, as “Shaking Quakers,” Penn students would be exercising school spirit when overdosing on caffiene or suffering from withdrawal.

2. Scott Robinson — the Wharton student that allegedly kicked a female protester at a Republican Youth Convention. Because I’m sure our football team would appreciate a kicker and the soccer team probably has room on its roster for a Right Winger.

1. The Cast of Avenue Q — puppets much more loveable and less horrifying than the new Quaker Muppet, with the added bonus of having no idea what to do with a BA in English. Of course, a few things would have to change. Princeton would have to change his name to either Stanford, MIT, or Duke, cocking a snook at the three universities we so thoroughly trounced in the US News college rankings that we were tied with last year. Furthermore, in an attempt to reflect the ethnic makeup of the campus, 97% of cast members would be Asian Jews.

and the bonus mascot, in case anyone is confused:

0. Upenn Not Penn States! Because coming home to a barrage of “If you wanted to go to a state school, why not A&M or UT?” can drive a girl to mass chocolate consumption.

Speaking of official stuff, our dorm now has an official song, “Boom Boom Ain’t It Great to Be Crazy,” the chorus of which now graces our answering machine message. Give us a call, we want to flaunt it! If you don’t have the number, email me and I’ll send it to you. Hurrah! And now, back to actual work. :D

Smallville season premiere. Mmmmmm, scantily-clad Tom Welling. Complete with Butt Dimples. Combine it with a scoop of Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream and a girl can be blissfully happy, despite period woes and The Return of the Coughing Up of Small Amounts of Blood style sickliness. If I can’t get Ewan McGregor to sing to me, naked Tom Welling will suffice in a pinch. The only way life would be better is if it wasn’t at the same time as Lost, making me choose between him and Dominic Monaghan. *shakes fist at the heavens* His accent is so pretty! Teh sob.

And oooh, news from the creator of My Other Shows That Have No Scruples Regarding Scantily-Claddedness, Joss Whedon! Ah, Joss Whedon. You make the world a better place.

And this is why I should never let myself start posting political stuff, because then I can’t stop. Feel free to… I dunno. Set fire to my blog and poke fun at my loved ones.

First off: *jaw drops* There are no words.

And good grief, please tell me Bill O’Reilly doesn’t actually believe this. Because if so, he wins my Gold Star Of Completely Missing The Point for today. This makes me feel a bit better, because we can laugh at him for being a bitter and jealous old man. 87%? I am so amused. Wow, I can’t believe I’m just now realizing what an idiot Bill O’Reilly is. I mean, they talk about it all the time on Air America, but I’d never really experienced it firsthand. Zounds.

Wow! I can actually CG hair!

I mean, grr, this computer science homework sure is challenging! Grumble grumble grumble… okay, not fooling anyone. :D Mmm, bite-sized VSP! Coming in just over a week!

Anyway, I was really pleased with how my scene is coming for my 3D modeling class this morning. I’m really getting the hang of modeling in Maya! Our assignment is to render an object in a scene, and on the first day, the professor offhandedly used the phrase “objects in space,” which made me want to do something Firefly-inspired. So I brainstormed out a lovely composition, settling on Kaylee’s umbrella and a box of strawberries, but then I realized (as we went around the room, describing our ideas) that given the time frame we had to model, this would be far too simple, so I needed a new idea. I frantically looked around the room, searching for inspiration, and found that I had fortuitously decided to wear my NMBC shirt to class that day. So I’m rendering the spiral hill and the pumpkin patch and Jack and Zero and such. T’will be luvverly! Now if only I can get out of the habit of doing what boils down to fanart for school projects…

In honor of Kerry coming to speak at Penn, here’s a bit of political humor I’ve come across the past few days:

Article: Kerry Laughs it up on Letterman

Article: Kerry: Bush Wanted Debate ‘Life Lines’

Amusing Coincidence: God vs. Bush

Interview: Ten Questions for Jon Stewart, and in that same vein:

Book Excerpts: Jon Stewart’s America (the book) — A Guide to Democracy Inaction

And not particularly humorous, but something more people should know about Kerry, and not political, but funny: SomethingAwful.com — New Changes to the Star Wars Saga.

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! It turns out that Penn and the College Dems are hosting the Kerry Rally! It’s taking place on Hill Field, practically right outside my last year’s dorm room window! Oh, the awesomeness!

YESSSSSSS! Score! I’m going to the Kerry rally!

Hi Priscilla,

The quiz schedule is posted online and there is none for this week. Also, you will be graded on best 6 out of 8 quizzes.

I will be doing a few more problems related to stuff covered in lectures but if you feel you are comfortable with the material, you could skip the recitation. You can visit me or any other TA during office hours if you have any doubts related to stuff covered so far.


*does a little dance* Oh, life is so good.


I’m a bit saddened, as Kerry just announced he will be holding a major rally in Philly on Friday, and of course all the College Democrats are invited, but the rally will be at noon, and I have class. My class at noon is missable, but my class at 2 definitely is not. Wah! Unless… okay, I just emailed my TA, asking what Friday’s agenda looks like. The course website talks about weekly quizzes, which would definitely be unmissable, so I asked him if I could possibly take the quiz a day early. Hopefully, he’ll recognize my name and connect it with the face of the girl that answers all of his questions in recitation right off the bat and contributes actively in class discussions. :D

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! I just got a call from the theatre chair, who offered me two absolutely fantastic roles. In The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940, they offered the part of Marjorie, a very flambuoyant producer (the kind that says “dahling” and “fabulous” and such), and in Annie Get Your Gun, the role of Dolly, second to the leading lady, and in this version a huge singing role. I picked Dolly, but I would have been overjoyed with either part. And even better, my friend Ari was in the room at the time I got the call, picking up a copy of my notes from Thursday and Friday’s CSE classes (he went home for Rosh Hashana), so he got to share in the squeeage. And he is very good at squeeful, dorkish celebration! He and Ko and I did silly dances and made scary high-pitched noises and generally made merry.


Oooh! Various Browncoats are organizing a Shindig just an hour North of Philly for Columbus Day weekend! Link and link. How much crazy fun would that be? Any other of my Philly area friends game? Schlien? M? I vowed to indoctrinate Ko in the joys of Firefly, so she might be interested… Oh, this is going to be awesome, provided I actually end up going. XD

Oh, and um, arr? Ha, I am the lamest wannabe pirate ever. XD