Feeling a bit upset due to past uglies rearing their three-years-buried heads. Hopefully all shall be resolved soon, but in the meantime, bleh. So instead of grousing over said incredibly vexing thing that I will not blog about, I will distract myself by instead posting pictures taken at A-Kon that finally appeared on the cosplay.com website. Hurrah! Feeling less grouchy already!

Teh Kell

Teh Crouch

Teh Fangirl (aka “I will eat your babies!”)

Teh Shoddily Painted Ear Job

Teh Cuteness

Teh End

Gravy I love those pants.

One shower later, I’m surfing my archives from 2001. Good lord, how did you put up with me? I want to hit my past self in the head with something heavy and blunt.