Teresa! &lt333! Gravy I love that woman.

Meantime, why do all the debates have to be scheduled during my rehearsal time? RRRRRRGH. I wonder if they’ll be rerun on CSPAN.com or something. Also peeved because Barack Obama had a rally in Philly today at a very accessable venue, but I had class. Life is so hard. :D

Edit: Woah! Just got an email from the Penn Dems announcing that Vanessa Kerry (Kerry’s younger daughter) will be coming to Penn on Thursday and hanging out with us as we watch the debate and all cheer on her dad. Dude! Fortunately, I’ll be able to attend part of it, as I’ve found out my call on Thursday isn’t going to be until 9:30 and the debates start at 9.

Man, it’s good to go to school in a swing state.