“Along the way, L. Paul Bremer III, the chief of the occupation authority, has revised policies that had seemed all but immutable as long as Iraq was bumping along, unsteadily but still surely, toward the transfer of sovereignty on June 30.

Like a storm-tossed ship’s master calling all hands, he has reached out to members of the old government, holding out the prospect of return to thousands of former officials and Baath Party members.”


Joe Drymala said it best. “Remember after World War II, when we were occupying Germany and we reached out to all those Nazis and put them in positions of power to stabilize the country? Since they’d, you know, done it before? Me neither, since it didn’t happen. Since that would have been STUPID. Much like this is. But June 30 is fast approaching.”

Guh, why does everything about this idiotic mess remind me off “Trojan Women”? Hecuba: Now that the war is over, you can think of nothing better than to remake the conditions that are the cause of war.”