Kait: Certainly! Just slap on a byline or something so people know it’s mine. Best of luck with the assignment! I’m curious as to what you come up with!

Rebecca: Maybe I can convince Mon next April Fools Day, or the April Fools Day after the sequel comes out. Or maybe just in a few months when she finished her job. I don’t want to impose! XD She’s going to be a busy girl, and we totally expect cookies.

And I hope everyone remembered/knew about National Embarrassed By My President Day! *dons “Who Would Jesus Bomb?” shirt and makes a brown ribbon out of an envelope and colored pencils*

The whole Useless Caucus thing has got me thinking. The political situation in America is getting me more and more depressed. No matter how I try, I just can’t find myself getting excited about John Kerry. That is why I have decided to pledge my support for Ralph Nader. There are a lot of people angry at him, but the 2000 election was hardly his fault. People discount him far too early. People say that a third party has no chance of being elected, but I seem to remember in my government class that the first time the newly-founded Republican third party ran a candidate, he was elected.

Nader has a lot of great ideas, some of them rather similar to Dean’s. He advocates universal health care and the restoration of the government to the people’s hands, rather than special interests. He favors a fairer tax bracket system, opposes media bias and media concentration, and wants a to restore a family farm-consumer agriculture policy. He understands the necessity to create more jobs and the workers’ needs for an employee bill of rights. He opposed the invasion and occupation of Iraq, and supports equal rights for same-sex couples. You can read more about his policies here.

I have great faith in the American people that they will see through Bush’s treachery and elect the man who can bring real change to America, Ralph Nader.