*laughs* Happy April Fools Day to New Zealand! And to all countries as the Time Zones click into place! Unfortunately, that huge “Mwahahaha!” thing I promised totally slipped through the cracks when Mon got her new job (still, congrats^100000!), and I didn’t have enough time to draw anything myself. So you can share in the gigglefest, here’s what we had planned:

Potter of the Caribbean

Harry: Will

Ron: Norrington

Hermione: Elizabeth

Fanon!Draco: Captain Jack Sparrow (blonde, hahahaha!)

Hedwig: Jack the Monkey (or maybe Mr. Cotton’s parrot)

Luna: Anamaria

Dean: Barbossa

Zacharias: Ragetti (the pirate with the wooden eye)

So check out Fiction Alley and enjoy everyone else’s submissions! All images from past years are there if you reload enough times, so you can still get some Moni/Pris dorkery with our Chicago parody from last year and LotR from the year before! (Good lord, we’ve improved! *points and laughs at old images*) EDIT: And aauuugh! They also have the old FA covers Mags, Mon, and I did! Bwaha, SemiClassic!Starling! *mocks Ginny’s hair*