GAK. I just started looking through my photography files from last year, looking to see if I had any printed images that I wanted to scan. I came across my mountains of negatives from my trip to New York and the Eastern State Pennitentiary, and I died of love all over again. I WANT TO GO INTO THE DARKROOM RIGHT NOW AND PRINT UNTIL I AM WRINKLED AND PRUNELIKE AND OLD AND DEAD. And there are so many negatives from last summer! Gah!

I wonder if Becky Young would let me use the darkroom from time to time… I’d be willing to pay a darkroom fee. Hmm. Of course, everything is going to be pretty crazy until Christmas break with more midterms, then exams, and final projects and such. I’ll have plenty of time to print over the holidays, I guess.

A girl cannot survive on digital photography alone.