Just got back from Burkhead’s Harry Potter Birthday Bash, which would be more appropriately named “The Weasley and Oliver Wood Squealfest” or “Hogwarts Hottiefest.” We watched both movies, and I again reaffirmed my desire to have fifty thousand of Bedhead!Percy’s babies.


  • Mass consumerism! (and how!)

  • Elizabeth consults the Magic Date Ball: “Is George hotter than Fred?”

  • Burkhead’s shirt: “I *heart* Neville Longbottom

  • My camera has flash?

  • Kal has serious style.

  • As do Burkhead and Zimo!

  • Party Favors! Huzzah! MORE STUFF!!

  • Zimo consults the Magic Date Ball.

  • Burkhead cuts the HP cookie cake.