Priscilla’s Latest Subtle and Cunning Plan:

1. Poke Marcelina until she chooses to go to Bryn Mawr*, a college she is already looking upon quite favorably.

2. Send psychic mind rays to Neil Gaimain’s daughter, Holly, and make her prefer Bryn Mawr over Smith (she’s currently waffling between the two).

3. Send MarcelinaScout to find and befriend Neil Gaiman’s daughter.

4. Find out when Neil Gaiman is visiting Holly in college, then politely stalk him.

5. Introduce myself as the girl who hugged him, gave him gingerless ginger cookies, and asked him to say into a tape recorder that Lincoln is better than Wilson.

6. Frowl in consternation when he runs away screaming.

A good plan, I believe. And indeed subtle and cunning!

* This is not the reason I am poking Marcelina to go to Bryn Mawr. I was poking her long before I found out about Holly Gaiman. She would be only 11 miles away from me! We could chill! Life would be merry! I would not have to endure Life Without Schlienen!