Yay! A fun day!

Marcelina and Zimo randomly appeared at my doorstep this afternoon, after walking all the way from their respective houses. I donned warmer clothes and grabbed my camera, and we were off. We then walked together all around the neighborhood, delighting in our own mini-adventures (involving a stake named “Tate” and a discarded box that became Zimo’s sled), eventually deciding to walk to The Village to take in a movie. None of the movies looked interesting, so we called my mom and asked her to pick us up, as it was getting dark and cold (we had been out about 2 hours). Dad rescued us after about 20 minutes (we told mum we’d meet her at Starbucks, but it closed early because of the weather, so we were stuck outside). We stopped at Blockbuster, rented Death to Smoochy, and crashed at my house for dinner.

Death to Smoochy was quite a bit better than I thought it would be. I can’t fathom why it received such abyssmal reviews from the critics — it was quite entertaining. And it had Edward Norton, which makes me happy. Yay for the Irish mob.

And school has been cancelled yet again, so life is good. I have nothing intelligent to say.

EDIT: Marcelina has an infinitely better summary in her LJ. Read hers instead.

Oh, hell. Coughing up blood* again. I guess I can forget singing in rehearsal for the next week. Or singing, period.

* No, not massive quantities of blood, you t00b. Small amounts. If it were large quantities, my singing would be the last thing I’d be worried about.

No school tomorrow + hot chocolate made with “Rice Dream” instead of milk + cute hat that I have worn all day = Priscilla is a happy person

Squee! My and my parents’ CD burners are working again! ::grooves::

This makes me happy-happy.

It also makes me happy-happy to exist in Dallas, Texas, at this moment. It’s barely even drizzling, yet all school sports and theatre have been cancelled because of a 60% chance of “Wintry Mix”, 1/4 to 1/2-inch max. Meanwhile, up north, there’s several feet of accumulation and life goes on. Southerners are such morons. I love it.