I take a certain sadistic glee in the knowledge that I left “Red White and Swing” rehearsal after finishing Scene 2… at 6:15. Poor kids, having to stay until God-knows-when. I’m so glad I’m only in the first couple of scenes each act! ::dances:: And to think Blaydes wanted to get through the entire show tonight. Ha!

Blaydes is delusional, and he projects these delusions onto his actors. Poor, poor actors. ::snickets merrily::

In other news, I add another classic number to “Hideous Costumes Through The Ages”. This one is a shapeless brown dress with 30 “decorative” buttons and a built-in apron. Yay me. Heck, I’d rather go through another week of Conjur Woman makeup (approx time to apply: 1 1/2 hrs min) than this. I look forward to “Man of La Mancha” like a parched man in a scorching desert looks forward to a glass of ice water.

Awww, how cute! Today marks the one year anniversary of the completed “Whatever Happened to Honor”! I recorded it January 26th, 2002, and it premiered on the web the next day, because I was too nervous to post it. Seems I’d better get back to work and post some others!

Actually, last night, I managed to cut out an entire scene, which makes me quite happy, and I’m trying to figure out if I can smush two further scenes into the opening song. I already know I can consolidate one scene-let into the song and I’m trying to work out if I can work in the other. It would make a lot more sense, theatrically. So huzzah! The song/dialogue ratio keeps dropping, moving progressively closer to my tastes. And Terry Pratchett knows of its existence, which makes me utterly convulse with joy. It will be put on sometime in my four years at Penn, mark my words.

Renata mentioned the song “I will not be afraid of women”, by Dar Williams, so I decided to listen to my a cappella version (Dartmouth Decibelles) this morning. After the song, I continued listening, and I was amused by the song “Kyrie”. For one, the vocall percussion sounded a lot like a woman saying “doom!” over and over. Also, the phrase “burns a gemlike flame” was included in the lyrics, which is from the Walter Pater essay obsessed about in my last English class. Har.

For the Curious:

No pirate!Endless last night, because 1) I wasn’t feeling very inspired, and 2) I can’t draw cowled robes to save my life. Destiny will have to wait a few days. Tonight looks doubtful, as well, as the aforementioned English paper calls. And I want to have some of my own writing done soon so that I’ll have something to show Moni when she gets home. ::schnoogles her partner-in-crime/beta::

And yes, I finally got “Men at Arms–the Musical” on my LJ interests list. Go me.