I take a certain sadistic glee in the knowledge that I left “Red White and Swing” rehearsal after finishing Scene 2… at 6:15. Poor kids, having to stay until God-knows-when. I’m so glad I’m only in the first couple of scenes each act! ::dances:: And to think Blaydes wanted to get through the entire show tonight. Ha!

Blaydes is delusional, and he projects these delusions onto his actors. Poor, poor actors. ::snickets merrily::

In other news, I add another classic number to “Hideous Costumes Through The Ages”. This one is a shapeless brown dress with 30 “decorative” buttons and a built-in apron. Yay me. Heck, I’d rather go through another week of Conjur Woman makeup (approx time to apply: 1 1/2 hrs min) than this. I look forward to “Man of La Mancha” like a parched man in a scorching desert looks forward to a glass of ice water.