::giggles madly:: I had such a fun evening. You know those times when absolutlely everything is hilarious? That’s how I felt. Mum and I went to the movies — she went to Solaris and I chose Treasure Planet — and all was happy and keen. Except when the film burned up during the climax of the movie. So the theatre gave us free passes for another show, and I caught the tail end of Solaris. I had to bite my lip to stop from giggling madly as the actors rattled off strings of scientific gibberish that anyone who had taken a basic Physics class would recognize as absurd. Oh no! They’re made of Boooooooosons! ::jazz hands:: I wanted to howl “Sooooodium!”

While eating dinner afterwards, I made up a large mental list of all the Bad Physics elements I caught in that final 45 minutes, eventually concluding that 2001 and The Great Stanley rock an entire Wall-Mart aisle of socks. My mom chided me about “suspension of disbelief”, saying that some things in movies just had to be accepted, like reincarnation. I told her I had no problem with the reincarnation — my objection was to sci-fi scriptwriters plucking words out of Physics textbooks they don’t understand. Not to mention spacecraft designs that make absolutely no sense. But oh well. The cinematography in Solaris was nifty, and the plotline looked interesting.

Maybe I’ll go back and watch the first part of Solaris, then sneak out and finish Treasure Planet. Sure, we can guess what happens, but we want to see it. XD