I went shopping for a dress for Homecoming today. Conclusion: I am dead sexy. I hope it’s not a matter of “well, it looked good in the store”. I love my new outfit! Hurrah! Anyway, while shopping around, I mentioned to my mom some of the things I would need for my Angua costume (as Halloween is only a month away), and we scouted out shirts and shoes and skirts and such. I found the perfect shirt and the most wonderful pair of sandals — I’m wearing them now.

So life is wonderful. This morning, I was fairly miserable, as I had slept badly and I was getting sicker. I had to wake up early for photography class, which was evil and boring, because we were taking pictures of the other students in a “studio” environment. I hate staged pictures, which is ironic because I live for theatre. I ended up spending the three hours alternately standing around, then occasionally taking pictures of plants outside and Carolyn’s cat. Bah. Then, at lunch, I went to the Macaroni Grill, which I haven’t been to in months, only to find that they redid the menu and mutilated my favourite dish. My mom told me to smile, because I was in a fairly deep slump by this point, but all was futile. Then, suddenly, while waiting in the bathroom, I decided that I would smile. And the instant I started smiling, I started feeling better. Then the realization that smiling was making me feel better made me feel even better than that. The day went up from there.

Moral of the Story: Be happy, and you’ll be happy.