Yay, had fun today! During lunch, we had our first of several “Daisy Days”, in which the entire grade gets together and takes a break from our monotonous day-to-day schedules. They gave us baseball caps with 03 on them, and we lined up for yummy Chick Fil A chicken strips. Then we bugged the DJ into playing “Time Warp” for us, as he didn’t have “Bohemian Rhapsody”. Marcelina, Chungy, a girl who I have forgotten, and I did the accompanying dance, and CameraBoy filmed us. Then we stopped and ate more chicken and rolls and such.

A few songs later, he started karaoke, so I coerced Chungy into doing “The Saga Begins” with me. Unfortunately, Don McLean’s version is two verses longer than Weird Al’s, so we had some interesting issues near the end. Chungy abandoned me, leaving me with Rachel B (suddenly an insanely obsessive Star Wars fan), Helen, and some other sci-fi nerd types. Hurrah! Afterwards, Rachel and I sang other Star Wars parodies to ourselves as we watched others making fools of themselves. Yay. Lola became Yoda. Copacabana became Star Wars Cantina. YMCA became YODA. The Star Wars Gangsta Rap remained the Star Wars Gangsta Rap.

Then we had to go back to class.