Ha, this is pretty true. (Actually, the line might have been a bit longer than that…) Good thing I was there 2 hours early. Muah.

And here you can read probably the most accurate review of Good Omens I’ve seen: “Two great writers for the price of one, alternating passages of prose that will make you grab perfect strangers and read aloud to them.”

::sighs with Neil!love::

Last night, I had a fairly sleepless evening, as I kept coughing myself awake. Unable to get back to sleep, I reread most of “The Kindly Ones”, which is probably my favourite in the Sandman series (though I’ll want to reread the lot before you can quote me on that). Yaay, Neil. I keep reading descriptions of your book signings in your journal, and I wonder if you remember me and Natalie and the tin of cookies we gave you. Or when I made you say Lincoln is better than Wilson. Or when Natalie and I became some of the only people in the several hundred-strong line to hug you. Yeah, you probably don’t. But oh well. I can pretend you do, anyway. XD Hearts for Neil. Yayfun.

12 things that annoy you:

* Busy intersections that don’t have left-turn arrows (*sob*)

* Not having exact change, after digging in your wallet for five minutes

* Art slumps

* Throat infections

* excessively negative people

* people that think my CGs/music compositions are childish

* carbonated beverages (and cold medicine that only comes in carbonated beverage form! Grr!)

* weird-tasting water

* my dad’s e-bay sprees

* competing against friends for roles (Erin! I’m sooooorry!)

* people without a sense of humor

* snobs

11 people you’d want to spend more time with:

* Alicey

* Renata

* Chungy

* Marcelina

* Tanja

* Sannali

* Nancy

* Brenna

* Moni

* Ben

* You (people will hate me, I just know it)

10 things you’re looking forward to:

* Nightwatch! Squeeeeeee!

* The Two Towers movie

* The Matrix II

* Order of the Phoenix

* the CoS movie

* getting my Penn acceptance letter ::crosses fingers::

* Mrs. Felice announcing the Fall and Spring shows next week

* putting on MAA in college

* getting my voice back

* finishing more MAA songs, posting them, and getting hundreds, nay thousands, of comments.

9 things you wear daily:

* underwear

* bra

* shirt

* plaid skirt of doom (w/ boxers underneath)

* socks

* shoes

* thin, claspless hair elastic

* my watch

* my senior ring

8 movies you’d watch over and over:

* Moulin Rouge

* The Princess Bride

* Monty Python and the Holy Grail


* Spaceballs, and other Mel Brooks goodness

* Amelie

* Star Wars (original trilogy)

* various Disney movies

(whatever happened to 7?)

6 objects you touch every day:

* my computer

* my sketchbook

* my Wacom tablet

* my hairbrush

* my headphones

* light switch

5 things you do every day:

* eat

* sleep

* read my friends’ weblogs

* maintain personal hygeine

* sing

4 foods that you couldn’t live without:

* pickles

* cheese

* Jack’s hamburgers

* greek or caesar salad

3 of your favorite songs at this moment:

You’re joking.

* Golden Slumbers, Beatles

* Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen

* The Doom Song, Invader Zim (aka, I have no idea what to say)

2 people that have influenced your life the most:

* Renata

* Kell

1 person you could spend the rest of your life with:

* Renata (aww, we can be spinsters together!)

Good news! I don’t have vocal chord hemmoraging — just a bacterial throat infection, which can be fixed up with a Z-pack and other fun medication. If I don’t sing a note until Monday, chances are I’ll have my voice back. This is much appreciated news, because this morning I sounded like Elaine Stritch. The only role I could have landed in this morning’s condition was Vera, from Maime.

But… not singing a note? Good gravy. That’s close to impossible! Whenever I find myself surrounded by heavy background noise, I automatically start singing selections from “Men at Arms” and “Bat Boy” under my breath. In my car, singing is second-nature. How does one survive without singing? In my voice lesson today, Mrs. Glaros and I went through selections of Dido and Aeneas, trying to pick out potential audition material, and I was just itching to sing along with the piano. ::sigh:: Fast forward my life to Monday, please. I want my voice back.

::does the amusing flame dance:: Gravy, I love these things…

Today’s flame was sent to us by Miss Ashley Ronsgal. Nice to meet you, Ashley.

“You know I realy don’t care I about you’re stupid test I mean so what if YOU don’t want to read the goddamn story. Not everyone’s opions are like yours. I take that back I do care about you’re stupid test cause its a bunch of sh*t that makes people feel like they’re not good at writing stories.”

I love it when people take that absurd test seriously.

I’m upset. This morning, when driving to school, I decided to wake up my voice by belting out loud segments from “I, Comma”. Because phlem is a fact of life for a singer (especially a marginally sick one), I had my Kleenex ready. To my horror, I saw blood. Okay, not a lot of blood. Actually a rather small amount of blood, but still enough to scare the pants off me. I went to Mrs. Glaros’ room (my voice teacher) after our assembly, and she suggested that I talk to a vocal doctor, as I could possibly have hemmoraging in my vocal cords. Just dandy. Fortunately, this only happens when I try to sing, oddly enough. I called my mom, and she made an appointment for Wednesday. In the meantime, I’m trying not to talk much.

And that, Mrs. McCullough, is why I’m missing your class the day after tomorrow.

This makes me even more annoyed that all my singing auditions are in the next two weeks. Am I going to have any time at all to heal? Fortunately, because Mrs. Glaros is the one auditioning me for “Dido and Aeneas” (she already has me pegged as a Sorceress, I believe), she’ll understand my inability to squawk out an audition piece. And Mr. Blaydes has heard me sing before, so I still might get a reasonable role in his musical, but I can never be sure. I think I’ll drown my sorrows in pizza. I’ve been craving Domino’s deep dish canadian bacon and black olive for about two months.