Muaha. Reading Men at Arms to parents can be fun.

Quote of the Day: “I can’t believe Angua was such a brazen hussy.”

I love you, Mom.

Foom. I am alive! Ta-da! My college trip of Doom is over, finally! Now it’s just a few days at Martha’s Vineyard, and I’ll be hooooooome! Gah, I’ve missed home. It’s horrifying, living life from day to day, never knowing where your next internet fix is going to come from… I feel like a druggie. I’ll finally get some decent time to work on the thousands of gifts I owe everybody. Brenna… Britt… Brenna again… gravy. Though I must admit, I’m really looking forward to my scantily-clad hobbits from Megs. Muaha. And upon my return home, my Tori CD copies from Renata. ::hearts:: I drew Death and Delirium! I can pretend they were a gift for you! (I originally wrote that as “Renata’s Tori burns”. That sounds painful.) My love for “Little Earthquakes” continues to grow.

I'm Delirium!
Which Member of the Endless Are You?

So true. I went into the test thinking I’d get Death, as reading “The High Cost of Living” made me think we were rather similar, personality-wise, but from the quiz questions, Delirium clearly won out. Jolly good.

Woah! Dude! I’m currently in the Business Office at the Cornell Club, fairly close to the front desk. I can hear the bellman talking to my mom on speakerphone, who is up in our room, complaining about the fan. That was surreal. (Later: ha, we got moved to the neighboring room)

And we have tickets for Chicago for tomorrow, which is gravy. And of course, though I must say that though it was enjoyable, Thoroughly Modern Millie (which I saw just before leaving New York) was slightly disappointing. Most of the audience loved it, but I found myself just sitting in my seat and glowering as they stole idea after idea from Men at Arms. The strains of “I’ve Seen His Face Before” have never left the privacy of my own head, and I had no way of ever encountering Millie‘s score before, but there she was onstage nonetheless, belting out song whose first few measures (and several words) were nearly identical. “No way”, I said to myself, provoking my Aunt Phyllis to look at me strangely, then turn back to the show. Also, the notion of singing briefly in dwarfish (with projected subtitles) in “My Kind of Town” suddenly seemed less novel as TMM‘s Chinese brothers merrily reprised a song in fluent Mandarin. I seem to have noticed a lot more as a was watching the show, but on the most part, I’ve forgotten the numerous counts now. Grr, say I. Hiss.

And now I try to catch up with thousands, nay millions, of LJ friend entries. Curse you all! How dare you be so insightful and entertaining! Growl.

Saw “Signs” and “Austin Powers III” on the same night. Why don’t movies learn? Aliens are only scary if you never see them. Our boy looked like the Grinch. Good gravy.

Okay, dinnertime. G’bye, all! I’ll be back soon.

No, woman, I am no longer in NY. I’m currently at Yale (Hey, Bulldog!), the second stop in my College Trip of Doom. First was my beloved Penn, which remains lodged in my top-notch spot due to their droolworthy Digital Media and Design program (DMD). Be still, my heart! ::swoons::

I don’t have much time, as I probably have to get off this computer soon (I doubt I’m even supposed to be checking my logs and email and such in the first place, ha), so meh. Car trips are made merrier through “Men at Arms”, as my dad wasn’t taking to “Hogfather”. This is paralleled with a play-by-play song list summary, which is enjoyable. Tra la. At the Penn bookstore, I found a copy of “Reaper Man” (including the uberjoyous “Night Watch” preview) to re-complete my collection, so all is good.

Oh–and Magsby, can I keep him?

“Now we sing dis stupid song!

Sing it as we run along!

Why we sing dis we don’t know!

We can’t made her words rhyme prop’ly!”

“Sound off”


“Sound off!”


“Sound off!”

“Er… what?”

May all the people in the world bow down and shamelessly worship Brenna. ::hearts:: You’ve made my day thrice-over!