::drools shamelessly:: Voyage 200. Mother of all calculators. And you thought the TI-89 was nifty! Texas Instruments’ latest baby, the Voyage 200, is still in its development phase, so TI lent a few of them to Mr. Taylor, my Physics teacher, to test on our excursion to Six Flags. My group was one of the lucky few to get one. Probably because the three of us (me, Mackenzie, and Iana) are Multimedia Engineering brats, but oh well. It’s still awesome. It has about 3 megs of memory, which is fantastic for a calculator, so we get to do all sorts of more sophisticated stuff. We can store tons more data, for one. We also get to use the 3-axis accelerometer, which is beyond cool. I can’t wait until Sunday… Hurrah for Six Flags Physics Day! ::dances merrily::