Priscilla says “Yo”. I just called the College Board hotline thingy and found that I got a 1480 on my SATs. 720 Verbal (97th percentile) and 760 Math (98th percentile). Good lord, I’m in a good mood. Now I actually stand a chance at all those luvverly colleges I spent Spring Break visiting… ::hearts Penn:: Yes, hearts go out to the University of Pennsylvania and Cornell. Hearts go out to my daddy, who is working through “Feet of Clay”, and my mom, who is reading “Men at Arms”. I’m dredging up the Harry Potter family tradition, and I’m reading “Guards! Guards!” aloud. Too much fun. “Grabthroat Shinkicker” gets me every time. Yes, I am five years old.

Continuing this dispensing of hearts, hearts also go out to:

  • my rockin sorta-aunt Phyllis (my dad’s cousin. anyone know the proper name for that?), who we got to hang out with last night

  • Monica, for providing me with a plethora of gorgeous art to feast my eyes on upon my return to the internet

  • Alicey, for updating HP Monthly, and also for providing me with nifty art

  • Faith, too. Art. Yum.

  • Jia Ling, for giving me this link (or preferably, this link).

  • Everyone else. I’m leaving to so see “Ice Age”. I’ll finish this entry and such later.