Yay! God loves me. I have been blessed with 30 minutes (now about 17… drat my time management skills!) of internet time as we wait for our scheduled taxi thing to pick us up to go to the airport. I’m at Cornell right now, after a rather nifty day of admissions people drooling over my photography and CGs (Vimes and the Alicey dragon collab) and showing me the most eye-wateringly gorgeous example of high-tech in the universe. I can’t wait until I get to college — the digital field is even greater and more captivating than I could have ever imagined. I also got to spend some time in the college store as my mom bought a handspring palm pilot thingy, ogling various examples of computer software. The janitors will have to bring in a mop.

Anyway, it was just today (and last night) that I spent at Cornell. The previous two nights, I was in New York city. Go me! We saw the new “Forbidden Broadway”, which was beyond nifty. ::hearts FB:: A longer review will follow, because my mom is trying to yank me off the computer. Curses! Evidently, we need to be there 10 minutes early instead of about 3, as I originally hoped.

Let’s just say this: both Best Picture and Best Director to “A Beautiful Mind”? What were you thinking?!? ::pokes the Academy with a stick::