What’s with the surge of character selectors recently? Where do you people find them all? Today, in advisory, we all did the Goddess Quiz. We mocked Elizabeth, who got Hestia. ::points and laughs::

In other news, “The Pajama Game” is slightly nuts. Today was our first time running Act I in its entirety (and only the second time running several scenes), and the production is next week. Last friday was our first run through Act II. At this time in “How to Succeed”, we were just working out the kinks. This is nuts. Most people barely have their lines memorized! Disasterous. Gah.

Jane is cynical, intelligent, and talented (she is a budding artist). Like any good artist, Jane constantly explores the passionate and emotional side of the world. She believes paint-by-number kits are inherently evil.

::squeals:: Thanks to aint-it-cool news…

“Thought your site may be interested in a touch of upcoming movie news that one of our staff members overheard whilst dining last night.

Our staff member was sitting close enough to Australian director Baz Luhrmann, recent winner of Best Musical for Moulin Rouge at the Golden Globes, to overhear some good news. As you may know, Baz Luhrmann announced today he will bring the opera “La Boheme” to Broadway on December 8, 2002. It will be co-produced by New Yorkers Jeffrey Seller and Kevin McCollum, who produced the stage musical RENT, which in turn is based on “La Boheme”. This will be followed by possible stage versions of Luhrmann’s recent movies MOULIN ROUGE and STRICTLY BALLROOM. Well, here’s the scoop. According to my staffer’s inside information Baz Luhrmann’s next motion picture will be RENT and it will also be co-produced by Jeffrey Seller and Kevin McCollum. As you may know Rent almost began production in 2001 with Spike Lee directing and N’Sync’s Justin Timberlake possibly starring. A script was developed, but it fell through with the studio declined the concept. Well now it’s back on – with a mid-2003 filming start-date. Starring names being mentioned: Australia’s Kylie Minogue (who starred as the Green Fairy on the Absinthe in MOULIN ROUGE) and Christine Anu (who also starred in Moulin Rouge as a bit-part dancer, and also starred in the Australian stage production of Rent), and a mostly unknown American cast.

Cheers, The Narcoleptic Argentenian”

Score! I just found my Aida CD! Now I can give my mom her copy back! My mom insisted that I burn her a copy of my song, so I was looking for a case to store it in. I randomly chose one of my “empty” cases, which in reality held one of my A Capella CDs (the Hangovers — they’re hilarious) and beneath it, Aida. Today is just a good day for musicals! I saw an SMU production of “Anything Goes” this afternoon, which was just fantastic. The singing wasn’t stellar, but the acting and dancing were wonderful. Plus, it gave me a few MAA idea tidbits. Gah, inspiration is everywhere. I’m in such a good mood right now.

Hearts to Brenna for being a wonderful reviewer. You know that high you get when someone gives you gushing compliments on art? Multiply that by about 15 and you’ll have some idea on how good it feels to have someone compliment your music. Parvati gets hugs, too. I’m eager to see what tomorrow will bring!

Tsk, tsk, tsk. Nothing better than a 60 as of yet on my Quiz. Shame upon you all. I think I’ll post the answers on Wednesday. Or something.

Rebecca gets superpoints for reading “Guards! Guards!” It’s so much fun to corrupt you all! Hmmm…. Renata is reading “Good Omens”, so I may be able to get her hooked on Pratchett from that… ::ponders:: Then there’s Mrs. Radtke, Chungy, Mackenzie, and Sannali. Plus Nancy, who is reading “Guards! Guards!”, then Mimi and Mrs. Felice who are both reading “Maskerade”. Mimi was gushing to me about “Maskerade” the other day. I hope I can tempt her with the Watch when Nancy gives me my book back. ::continues to plot fiendishly::

Woah! When did Rebecca get that groovalicious new format? Gah, this is what I lose when I just look at people’s journals with the “Friends” function…

I don’t get it… Random Blasphemies. Rebecca confuses me.

# 1 Highly Intelligent -Way to Study and show thyself approved unto GOD-

# 2 What are you? Mormon? Atheist? Agnostic? False religion?

# 3 Dumb-Church of Christ denomination stupid.

# 4 Saved-Keep growing on the milk of the word.-NonDenominational

# 5 Smart-You aren’t a babe, but you aren’t an Apostle keep studying. -Assembly of God

How deeply in love am I with my new lens? There are no words to describe it.

Dandelion — they’re much more fun close-up. I wish I had used a wider depth-of-field, but I’m not complaining.

Theresa — this is one of the pictures I took to evaluate the portrait lens capabilities. Just testing in the store.

Keep Out — this fell down randomly when I was about 15 feet away, photographing some weird piece of equiptment. I decided that the Photography Gods wanted me to notice it.

Fruit — I’m not sure exactly what it is, but it was broken open and rather smelly.

Cross — someone had a Halloween party in a small clearing down the trail I got hopelessly lost on. They had a bunch of fake headstones and wooden crosses.

Renata, how goes the 2004 Presidential Campaign? Do we still have “Legalize marriages to inanimate objects” on our political platform?