As promised, the Quiz Results!

Of the following, which is my favourite musical?

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying — close, but no cigar.

Camelot — a favourite, but certainly not number one

The Pajama Game — I loathe this show

Moulin Rouge — Baz Luhrmann is my God

Men at Arms — You don’t think I’m *that* full of myself, do you?

What is my family’s nickname for me?

Pris — anyone calling me “Pris” will be promptly disposed of

Cilla — ditto.

Pip — I’ve had this nickname since birth, almost.

Pippin — I’m not a hobbit.

Priscellie — Just my friends online.

What were my dogs’ names?

Snoopy and Woodstock — these were Sparkey’s parents, named for “Peanuts” characters

Cookie and Sparkey — my sister named them both

Cricket and Buddy — Cricket is my friend Tiffany’s dog. I have no idea about Buddy.

Goomba and Indy — These are Rebecca and Kell’s dogs. If they missed this, they deserve the score they got!

Gaspode and Big Fido — two dogs out of the “Discworld” series.

When is my birthday?

February 12

March 7

July 19

September 21

November 23

Which is my favourite Star Wars movie?

IV: A New Hope — It doesn’t have the “oomph” of the other two classic trilogy films.

V: The Empire Strikes Back — What’s not to love about this movie?

VI: Return of the Jedi — my second favourite. It was the ewoks that demoted it.

I: The Phantom Menace — Jake Lloyd and Jar Jar Binks. Case closed.

II: Send in the Clones! — Kill me now

What is the Chosen eating utensil of the Gods, according to Priscilla?




Spork — easily the greatest piece of silverware, but pales in comparison with chopsticks.

Chopsticks — Don’t you remember the debate over this with the PDM? Chopsticks are the chosen eating utensil.

What is Priscilla’s favourite type of poetry to overuse?

rhyming humor (like “Dischord of the Rings”) — my favourite to write, but not to overuse.

non-rhyming, deep, introspective poetry — I loathe this medium.

e. e. cummings-ish stuff — okay, but I’ve never written it myself.

dirty limericks — I love limericks, but they’re all clean, thank you very much.

haiku — any RMLer should know this. Percy knows how many haiku parties I’ve tried to initate.

What is Priscilla’s favourite Beatles CD?

Sgt. Pepper — this was my favourite for ages, but it was usurped by Abbey Road.

White Album — a close second

Abbey Road — I couldn’t last a week without listening to this CD. I adore this music. I wake up to this music. I often drive with this music. Abbey Road.

Let it Be — my third favourite. I love the late Beatles work. Puzzling that the Fab Four hated this one.

One — I don’t even own it.

What CD has Priscilla been overplaying recently?

Let it Be — I overplayed it a few weeks ago.

White Album — overplayed during the summer, then during my Digital Imaging class.

Running With Scissors — could never be overplayed

Jekyll and Hyde — Haven’t you seen the references in my LiveJournal? I listen to this while driving about 97% of the time, then frequently play it while CGing.

a burned CD of my in-progress “Men at Arms” stuff — at the time this test was written, this didn’t exist. I just burned a copy of “Whatever Happened to Honor” at my mom’s request.