The Jesuit Spring Play is going to be a stage version of St-Exupery’s “The Little Prince”. And to think I was getting excited over the prospect of “Arsenic and Old Lace”, one of my all-time favourite plays.

Good lord. Are there even any women in that show? I know there aren’t any in the book. We read it last year in French class, which destroyed the book for me. Ugh. I know I should at least give the English translation a second chance, but it brings back bad memories of French III. A bit like how I get squeamish around all Tolkien novels. So many of my friends love it, but I really dislike that book. Hiss. Oh well. I guess it’s better than trying out for the Hockaday/St. Marks production. I’ve mentally forgiven him, but I’m still not incredibly fond of Mr. Blaydes, the Hockaday/St. Marks drama director. Mrs. Felice, on the other hand, I love.

The Hockaday production for the Spring is “The Twelfth Night”, which I got to see performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company on my trip to England last summer. I loved it. In fact, it remained on my brain to the extent that the night after, I dreamed a Harry Potter/12th Night crossover. Of course, one must remember that unless one is a senior, one has no chance in Hades at getting a good role in a Hockaday production. I’d like to see Olivia Jennings as Olivia. Muaha. Cesario would be such an amusing role, especially speaking as one who spent most of her youth playing boy’s roles in theatre productions. Oh well. I’m sure Jesuit will be fun. It always is!