Christmas cards will go out eventually. Apologies to all those who have sent me their addresses. I’ll get free time soon! Iana is leaving tomorrow, so I’ll have some time to myself soon. In the meantime, here’s my online Christmas card. I must say that I’m pleased with the way it came out. The clothes looked a lot better before I shrank them.

I’m amused. Iana is obsessed with movies, so I’ve seen more movies in the past week than I have in the last seven years of my life. Today I saw “Amelie” again, which is still fabulous for the third time. Last night, we saw “A Beautiful Mind”, which was just plain awesome. Lots of “6th Sense”-ness going on. Christmas, the family went to see LOTR again, which still astounds me with its fabulousness. ::dies happy:: I think I’ll try to see it on IMAX, as Kell said it was quite enjoyable. This movie is the greatest eye-feast since Moulin Rouge.

Amusing experience of the day: While reading Ann’s blog, I see mention of a Jeeves and Wooster/Pokémon crossover. In my mind, I read this as Jesus/Pokémon crossover.

Sunday school teacher: Children, will you accept Jesus into your hearts?

Kids: Jesus, I choose YOU!

::polite cough:: Yeah. With that in mind, be truly afraid of this.

Tragically, it turns out that you’re RINGO.

CONGRATULATIONS! While your fellow band members have aged terribly from a combination of the barrage of drugs they did in their youth, and the toll of extreme success, YOUR looks haven’t changed in the least since you were FIVE YEARS OLD! See:

Our sources indicate you will someday be the last surviving Beatle, and may in fact live forever. Although your singing and songwriting talents weren’t quite on par with the rest of the boys, your drumming suited the band quite well and your sanity and niceness were what kept the Beatles together as long as they were. So be proud of your Ringoness!

Although most know you only by the size and shape of your nose, you’re actually a very three-dimensional character (haha, get it?), who enjoys wholesome activities such as being a good sport while others make fun of you, acting, chocolate pudding, and pillow fights.

Tell the world (or your livejournal buddies) of your new blue-eyed Ringo-ness!

Take the Which Beatle Are You? Quiz.

::pokes Rebecca:: More dratted online quizzes! Bah! I feel my will wasting away…

My favourite of all: According to the Urban Legend Test, I will miraculously save the life of an infant through song. That is so me! ::cackles::

My Gorillaz match is Noodle. I have no idea who these people are. ::peers at Rebecca::

Pet Test:

100% — Ants

97% — Scorpions

97% — Gerbils

94% — Newts (I got better!)

94% — Hermit Crabs

92% — Mice

91% — Tarantulas

91% — Rats

86% — Pythons

85% — Dogs

84% — Ferrets

84% — Hamsters

81% — Hedgehogs

80% — Pot-Bellied Pigs

79% — Cats

78% — Goats

63% — Llamas

Fashion Test:

# 1 Emo

# 2 Funky alternative *unique*

# 3 Hardcore Punk

# 4 Skater

# 5 Goth

# 6 Raver

# 7 Sporty/casual

# 8 Prep

# 9 Ghetto

# 10 Flashy/Slutty

Elementary Particle Test: (which baryon are you?)

# 1 Electron

# 2 Tau

# 3 Top (truth) quark

# 4 W+

# 5 Zed

# 6 Muon

# 7 Strange quark

# 8 Photon

# 9 W-

# 10 Up quark

# 11 Electron neutrino

# 12 Muon neutrino

# 13 Tau neutrino

# 14 Bottom (beauty) quark

# 15 Charmed quark

# 16 Down quark

Planet Selector:

# 1 Earth

# 2 Io

# 3 Jupiter

# 4 Luna/Moon

# 5 Mars

# 6 Titan

# 7 Venus

# 8 Europa

# 9 Mercury

# 10 Neptune

# 11 Triton

# 12 Callisto

# 13 Demos

# 14 Enceladus

# 15 Ganymede

# 16 Mimas

# 17 Phobos

# 18 Saturn

# 19 Titiania

# 20 Uranus

# 21 Ceres

# 22 Cheron

# 23 Miranda

# 24 Nereid

# 25 Pluto

Odd. The same thing happened to me, Renata. Blogger randomly changed my password to “1”. I changed it back, of course. I wonder if anyone else had this problem… Later, when in the BadCandy chat, I encountered a bunch of people that had this happen. Oddness.

Anyway, I really cleaned up this Christmas!

From my parents, I got an MP3 player, a CD case, a car CD holder, a bunch of books (physics, art, humor, etc.), and some old theatre posters from Ten Little Indians, The Pajama Game, Aida, and Rent (I told my mom that I was going to revoke my dad’s eBay privelidges, as I have no more wall space for posters). I was especially amused regarding another gift. A week ago, my dad called me, asking which version of Photoshop I had. He was pleased to learn I just had 5.5. I took this to mean that he was getting me the 6.0 upgrade. Instead, it turned out that he got me the 5.0/5.5 Photoshop Wow Book (which is incredibly groovy). I guess I’m a bit disappointed, but I adore 5.5, so it’s no big deal. Plus, I’ll be figuring out all sorts of groovy Photoshop secrets, so it’ll almost be like getting an upgrade. I’ve already learned stuff, and I’ve barely read any. Ultra groovyness.

From Iana, I got two CDs (one with music by Bulgarian composers, the other of Bulgarian folk music. Super nifty.), a necklace, and a cross-stitched sunflower.

From my aunt and uncle, I got a lovely bracelet, some books, a harmonica, and this handy pocket indescribable thing. Coolness.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

“A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Let’s hope it’s a good one, without any fear.”

–John Lennon, “Happy Christmas” (War is Over)