Let’s run through a play-by-play recount of today’s events, shall we?

Math Phys class:

PRO – I knew stuff that few others could figure out. I felt special. I felt prepared for the upcoming test. Go me.

PRO – We watched part of a Feynman lecture. That rocked. Feynman is my hero.

CON – I realized that my huge lab of doom is due Wednesday, and as the link port to my calculator is broken, I won’t be able to access my data, unless I type it in by hand. Holy gods.

Break Time:

PRO – My advisees were jealous when I told them about the Beatles albums. All was groovy.

PRO – Mackenzie brought her world-renound Dip of Glory. This is the only chip dip I’ll ever eat. It’s absolutely delicious.

CON – I found out the hard way that I started my period today. Like a fool, I didn’t pack any pads.

CON – I realized that I hadn’t brought my script with me and I hadn’t completely memorized my lines for “Ten Little Indians”. Mrs. Felice would have my head on a platter.

History Class:

CON – Boring. And when Mrs. Johnson randomly called on me, I started talking about the Townshend Acts instead of the Stamp Act. Doof.

Conference Period:

CON – Cramps really started kicking in, which is unusual for my first day. I sat very uncomfortably, reading as much of the Joy Luck Club as possible so that I wouldn’t have to later this evening and I’d eventually be able to read “The Truth”.

CON – I wanted to play in the Computer Lab, but the internet was down AGAIN. This is seriously irritating.


PRO – Food is edible. Good sign. Enjoyed the company of Chungy and Cherise, among others.

CON – Slightly dazed from period-induced cramps and headache.


PRO – Miss Childers took pity on my cramped state and showed me a yoga position that would help. It helped a bit.

CON – I had to spend over an hour in said position. Moving minimally. Staring at completely white walls.

CON – I didn’t get to ask her about my neck. It still hurts occasionally.

Applied Calculus:

PRO – hanging with Dubsky and Chungy is always groovy.

PRO – I was one of few that understood the homework and some of the practice problems of doom.

A few minutes after school:

PRO – I was free! Or no, not really. I had rehearsals. Hell. And Mrs. Felice would kill me for not having my lines perfectly memorized.

CON – Someone told me Jo wanted to talk to me. Great. Jo is in charge of t-shirts for JETS this year, which waffles from dream to nightmare every few minutes. Jo says she wants to use Cafe Press Colors and intends to make the order that evening. I chide her for not consulting the group, as Cafe Press Colors is a really stupid idea in this situation (I used kinder words). She leaves in a huff. I flail to Caroline (the JETS president), and she says to “take it up with Jo”. Great advice.

CON – Now I have a really bad headache.

PRO – I get the secret joy that I have one-upped Jo, as I have the files and she doesn’t. I bask in the knowledge that if I don’t send her the files tonight, she won’t be able to send off the design to Cafe Press Colors and we’ll be able to actually discuss the issue democratically in tomorrow’s JETS meeting. We have triumphed over the tyrants! [Note: I love Jo. She rocks. She just acted in an incredibly foolish manner today.]

PRO – As the carpool rides to Jesuit for rehearsals, Paulette lets me hold her stuffed animal (don’t ask me why she had it) because I was so upset and irritated and PMSing in general.


PRO – Patrick let me borrow his script for a while so that I could make sure I knew my lines.

PRO – I knew them better than I thought I did. I would survive!

CON – Wearing a perpetual scowl for about an hour and a half can’t be good for my skin. This adds to my headache. And my spine hurts from my Perfect Posture of Doom. And I had to be Emily twice today, while Casey just had to once.

? – As we’re leaving, Patrick asks me out on a movie date for Friday. Oh, nelly. Patrick’s an awesome person, but I can’t think of him as a boyfriend. And according to Tom, the Stage Manager, the cast is already abuzz with the rumor that Patrick and I are a couple. Gah. Oh well, I said yes anyway. Zoolander for Friday night, after rehearsals.

PRO – I convinced my mom that I needed a break, and she allowed me to not drive home for once. Thank god. No way I could drive with this degree of exhaustion, headacheness, cramps, and PMS.


PRO – We eat at Mi Cocina. I love Mi Cocina. Great tortilla soup and nachos. And my mom drives home, which is always appreciated.

PRO – While I usually consider PSAT sessions to be CON, sessions with the infinitely groovy Marsha Foulks are always PRO. Marsha is just nifty. Yay! And we constructed sentences for our amusement using as many vocab words as possible. And we debated which word was better: lugubrious or egregious. Fun.

PRO – I finally update my weblog, and squeal with the anticipation of the thousands of comments I’m going to receive, right?

PRO – Writing this entry has great therapeudic value.

Caelyn informs me that sprachtenntnisse means “language knowledge”. Hell.

Und die Sprachkenntnisse der Verfasserin lassen manchmal ein wenig zu wünschen übrig: (Latein!). = And the language knowledge of the author leaves a little something to be desired. (Latin!)

Excuse me for having parents that made me take French, despite my pleas to take Latin instead. There’s only so far you can go with an online Latin language dictionary, buckoes. ::wrinkles nose, determined not to let this bother her::

Time to recreate more entries that were eaten by my evil ISP of doom! This one is from last night, but I’m rewriting it from today’s viewpoint, as that seems a bit more logical in my opinion.

Yesterday, my dad bought a record player for the family. We *do* have one already, but it’s nasty and semi-broken and old and I wouldn’t trust it with “The Olsen Twins: Live in Concert”, much less any of the superfroody priceless old albums my parents have. My dad called me down that evening to listen to a Whiffenpoofs (an all-male a cappella group at Yale) recording from the 60’s. They were fabulous, and I was completely enchanted with the record player. I was bitten by the nostalgia fairy, I suppose. Anyway, after listening to several songs, I started leafing through my parents’ record colection, which is absolutely huge. I only went through one stack, but what I found made my entire weekend. Amid the bunch of Bob Dylan albums, Rugby songs, and scores of folk artists and soundtracks I had never heard of, I struck gold. First, I found a 33 1/3 record of Abbey Road, which is probably my favourite album of all time. Next, I found the Beatles 1964-1966 Anthology, which has a bunch of songs I absolutely love. But nothing could prepare me for what I found next. An unopened copy of The Beatles 1967-1970 Anthology. Mint condition. Original packaging. I don’t even want to think about how much that baby is worth to a collector! Evidently, my mom had bought it when it came out, knowing that it would probably become a collector’s item. Ye gods. I can’t wait to break the news to Marcelina and the rest of my Beatles-worshipping friends! ::cackles with glee and prances happily about:: JOY!

I also have to say that I absolutely love listening to records now. They just seem to have some special quality or aura about them. Also, they’re a bit clearer, as I was able to understand some of the lyrics on Abbey Road that I wasn’t able to hear properly on CD. Also, the “ending” to “She’s So Heavy” makes a whole lot more sense now, as the end of that song is at the end of that side of the record. When it just cuts off, and immediately goes into “Here Comes the Sun” on CD, it seems a bit strange.

I can’t wait to look through the rest of my parents’ albums! I only looked through about a fifth of them, so I’m sure I’ll come across even more treasures along the way! ::skips about merrily:: Feel free to comment in my blog about how insanely jealous you are about this whole thing. Go ahead, make my day. XD

Went to Borders… bought “The Truth”… swore a pact with her mother that she would finish reading the “Joy Luck Club” again before she started on “The Truth”, as she has to write a research paper about it… already regrets her vow…


My neck hurts. Especially when I have to turn around weirdly to look over my left shoulder when driving. I have to ask Ms. Childers (yoga instructor) about that tomorrow. And I want to know what sprachkenntnisse means, darnit!

Hey! I could have sworn I’d posted about Rebecca‘s froody new blog layout, but evidently Blogger ate it. My internet has been going up and down faster than an amusement park ride, so I’ve been losing entries rather frequently. Blame it on my evil ISP of doom.