I’ve been using “summat” so often that I just accidentally typed “sumthing”. Good golly.

I just called Elmo, one of my good friends from RML. Last weekend, his boyfriend was killed in a car crash. Send him consoling vibes, will you?

I meant to type “Discworld”. What I really typed was “Discoworld”. This gets the award for most amusing typo of the day.

I’m envious. November 9-11th, Curtis Cregan is playing Finch in a production of “How To Succeed” at Columbia. I wish I lived near there… Someone must go and make me boots and such. Gah, these people at Columbia have really good taste. They’re also doing Little Shop of Horrors in late November. I love that musical…

The JETS loved my Artemis designs. We’re going with the one on the left! It’s going to be huge, on the back of our t-shirts for this year. Blue shirt with happyjoyous black writing and et cetera.

I’ve been working on potential JETS logos for this year. Our robot, following our tradition of naming after powerful females from Greek mythology, is named Artemis. Previous years include Athena and Hippolyta, plus a catapult named Sullis. Which one do you prefer? Facing inward or facing outward?

Amusing quotes of the week:

This is a “round peg to square hole” conversion adapter. –Mr. Taylor, Multimedia Engineering

It’s the shiny blue plastic moose call… of Physics! –Mr. Lohstreter, Multimedia Engineering

For all those mooses that like A’s two octaves below middle C, this will get them coming! –Mr. Taylor, Multimedia Engineering

Mr. Taylor: Something’s got to give. It’s either you or the car.

Me: The other car!

–Referring to the physics of car collisions in Math Phys class

The first thing I do when I get to Y.O. [Ranch] is say “Let me see your E-shaped fence”. –Mr. Dubsky, referring to a calculus problem featuring an E-shaped fence, which amused us greatly

Yes, Dubsky is going to spend his Yom Kippur at Six Flags. –Kristen

Chungy: I’m going to be a janitor!

Me: At The Pentagon? Wow, that’s what I’m going to do with my Hockaday education!

God help me, I’ve started a Green Glass Doors revolution!