Yay! I’ve done all I can for Fiction Alley for the moment, so it’s just a matter of Phil and the other techies getting everything up. I have free time! Yay! Now where’s that stupid “to do” list?

. . .

1. Work on web designs for JETS, tnm.n, WIAN, etc. Come up with a new tnm.n design now that I can’t use the Roy Lichenstein one

2. Make the site banner for some random person I talked to a month ago…

3. CG some of my stupid line art

4. CG Monica’s Triwizard champions image

5. CG Rydia’s HP Calendar image; start my own

6. Add 50 trillion new findings to WIAN; update the Fanart section

7. Update the Daily Sketch for once

8. Find out what the gerbil is wrong with my new scanner

9. Countless other stuff

I reorganized the “Other Bloggy Goodness” thing on the menu bar. Much cleaner. Yay!

Kell is the devil. She somehow psychically stole my Roy Lichenstien-ripoff idea for a website. Bah. ::kicks Bad Candy; injures foot::