My bestest friend Chungy is sitting beside me in the computer lab, ranting about how she had to read 27 pages for AP U.S. History last night. HA, HA! ::laughs at Chungy:: Poor girl. I’m trying to convince her to start a weblog. I think she’s going to start one. Everyone, tell Chungy (through the comments on my log) how much you’d like to see a Chungylog. Yay.

Hurrah! English class is going to be so nifty! I got Mr. Dumaine, who is the ultimate nifty English teacher. All my Upper School English teachers have been groovy. Of course, Math couldn’t be worse. I have Mr. Weinstein, who is amazingly cool (he also teaches C++), but the class is so easy it’s painful. Some of the seniors in my class were struggling with information I had mastered in 7th grade. My hand was in the air almost constantly; volunteering for answers. 30 minutes into the class, Mr. Weinstein refused to call on me. I felt like Hermione, only less annoying. Bah. Why on Earth didn’t I take Honors Pre-Cal? ::flails::

I hope this is only a rumor, but Sarah Stuart told me that Photography class is going to be hell this year. She spoke of a 10-page research paper on a photographer of our choice. WHAT THE?!? I don’t write 10-page papers for academic classes, much less Fine Arts! I’m considering switching to the digital imaging course. You never know, I might be able to get some CG time in. ::frowls:: I wonder how tiresome it would be to tote my Wacom tablet to and from school.

I know how Sannali feels! I had to spend just under 500 bucks for textbooks this year. Percy, when are they going to come up with textbooks on CD-ROM or summat? Laptops for everybody! It would save a fruitload of trees, ink, and printing costs. And no papercuts, too. And cheap.

Today’s Rumination:

I’d love to see a Quake spinoff called “Quack”. It could have huge, murderous, mutated duck-beasts wreaking havoc on modern society. I’d buy it.

I was let out late from my P.E. class. Score! Now I’m in the computer lab, hanging out while waiting for my C++ class to start. Joy!

What happened to my comment count? ::pouts at Reblogger::

Boys are kinko finko.

(this message has been brought to you by the lovely people of WOFS. Have a nice day.)

I’m sure it wasn’t intended to be funny, but I find Flatland absolutely hilarious. I guess I just have a really twisted sense of humor.