Tanja was complaining that I didn’t go online yesterday. It wasn’t my fault! I was visiting Stonehenge and Bath! ::flails:: It was amazingly cool, though. Of course, most of the group didn’t appreciate it (miserable worms). I got lots of froody pictures, which will probably go into the photography section of tnm.n when I finally get it online. Hurrah!

In other news, today I got a deluge of mail! It was mostly from my mom, who must have been sending postcards every five minutes. Crazyness. Of course, the most prized treasures in the batch were from two WOFSers: Kell and Rydia. Dogs from miles around must have been whimpering in pain from the sound of my excited squeals of joy. Kell gave me an absolutely GORGEOUS drawing of Harry, Ron, and Hermione travelling, with Piper and Indy in one corner and one of those adoreably cute tiger sketchies that she used to have as her icon. I shall treasure it forever! ::squeals more:: Which reminds me, because I have to get my postcards in the mail! Silly Scillia…

WOO HOO! The other three sections of FictionAlley are up for the Public Beta Test! Yo! Check it out, and drool over my lovely Starling collaboration while you’re there. ::squeals::

::snickets:: (yes, that’s a word now) Confusing people in my Elfwood gallery are demanding Harry and Ron bookmarks. Silly people. They’re right in front of your nose!

::cackles:: Check this out. I forgot where I got it, but it’s the most amusing thing I’ve read since Sannali’s Boba Fett comic strip. Let’s see… I know it was a weblog somewhere. Probably Tanja. ::checks:: Drat. Rebecca? No. Ooh! It was Ann! Yay! ::hugs Ann:: Ann rocks. I’m amused.

The archives are back! ::does a happy dance::

::sigh:: Finished. After 5 hours of writing and 3 1/2 hours of revising, I finally finished my Hitchcock paper. I can’t believe I spent that much time on it! Most people just spent about an hour or an hour and a half! Originally, I was just going to finalize my “pregnant girl” sequence from the first class, but the idea fell through because it refused to be written. Then, suddenly, I got a brilliant idea. Revelling in my newfound love for “Chamber of Secrets”, I decided that I would do a scene out of the book. Originally, I thought I could do the scene with Harry and Tom and Unconcious!Ginny in the actual chamber, but I dismissed it for the sequence immediately preceeding that, with Harry, Ron, Lockhart, and Myrtle finding the entrance. I have a great deal more respect for directors and scriptwriters now! Sticking to the text is incredibly difficult. In the end, the script and camera direction amounted to 8 1/2 pages, handwritten, while the original text was only about 2 1/2 pages. Ye gods. ::collapses:: Oh well. I enjoyed myself.

Of course, I remind myself of a quote from Psycho: “A hobby is supposed to pass the time, not fill it.” ::sigh::