Did you know that I’m all of the RMLers at once? It’s uber-schizophrenia. Like a huge ant complex. A collective of minds controlled by a superhuman entity. That would be cool.

erm… boshiboshi?

Watch as I DESTROY TOKYO!!! boshiboshi!

As you imagine studying engineering, you probably hope for a school that offers a first-class education with superior facilities and innovative teaching. Elanor, let me tell you something you might not realize: Colorado School of Mines can offer all that…and more.

Yup. It’s college time for Ellie. For the last few weeks, my fellow Sophomores and I have been bombarded with stacks of letters, all bearing official-looking college seals and carrying desperate messages pleading for our consideration (money) to attend their school. Frankly, I thought the Colorado School of Mines was a joke. It’s not. I’m incredibly amused. Especially because their acronym CSM; the same as the Cigarette Smoking Man on the X-Files. ::snickers to herself::

So! If you ever find yourself in a bit of a quandry of where to attend college, remember the Colorado School of Mines. After all, “CSM offers an intimate, active, and modern campus along with the excitement of Denver and the Rocky Mountain West. We don’t think there’s a better place to be…”

God help us all.

Woo! The Lone Gunmen website is up! it’s still under construction, but it’s pretty cool. ::giggles:: On “Jimmy’s Shelf”, in the thing that looks like a tissue box, there’s a link to a hacked parody website. It’s hilarious! “We do speed”! But what’s up with Danny Pendrell and Suzanne Modeski being evil in the company bios thing? I thought Pendrell died in season 4 or something, and he was just a timid lab guy with a crush on Scully? And that bio doesn’t look at all like Suzanne! And Byers would never say she was evil. ::le sigh:: Oh well. It’s so amusing how Langly has 2 really cool computers, Frohike has a boring computer with a bunch of random lines of code, and Byers’ isn’t even on. HA! Sorry, Langly is my favourite character and I love to pick on Byers. He’s just so cute and pathetic!

The show starts Sunday, March 4th, at 8PM Central, in the X-Files’ old spot on FOX. Watch it. I’m sure it’ll suck, but hey! It’s the Gunmen!

I now have an increased respect for Kell Yarwood, Elaine Fair, and all other comic artists in the world. I’m working on a manga for chapter 2 of Draco Sinister, as you all know, and it takes a LONG TIME! Holy crud. Of course, I use the “anal retentive” approach to drawing, where I draw everything and retrace it with a light table twice, once with pencil to make sure it works, and other with pen so it scans better. I’ve been working several hours and I’ve only done 4 panels! ::whacks self over the head with keyboard:: Oh well. It looks good and that’s all that counts… other than the fact that Malfoy seems to switch hairstyles several times over a period of 20 seconds. ::sigh::

Ok, I need a “pick me up”. How about the amusing weblinks of the week?


Call off the wordwide search! I found my Aida CD!

Woo! The Harry Potter Trailer is here! Want to read my commentary? Sure you do!

Ok, it starts out cheesy. The cupboard under the stairs looks great, but the “no such thing as magic” line and the 50 trillion owls count high on the cheese factor. The letter scene is cute, but if Harry gets his letter then, why does Hagrid need to go to the Hut on the Rock, as witnessed later in the trailer? Bah, silly plotholes. (and the ink on the letter should be green, thankyouverymuch). Also, wasn’t the letter supposed to be from McGonagall? Why the man’s voice reading the letter?

I must say that I love Hagrid aleady. He doesn’t quite match my mental image, but frankly, no one can. The tech folks at ILM did a great job on Robbie Coltrane. Also, I’m glad that they went ahead with the 1,000 student figure for Hogwarts. The Great Hall looks fantastic!

Hey! Is that Dean Thomas in the background of that Harry/Ron/confusion pic? Tee hee, I love that expression on Rupert’s (Ron’s) face! And Alan Rickman makes a fantastic Snape. My only complaint is that his hair isn’t long enough. And what we see of Quirrel is great! Unfortunately, I’m still incredibly bothered by MaggieSmith-as-McGonagall. She’s just too old! Dumbledore is fairly nifty, though.

I love the Hut on the Rock stuff! I especially like Aunt Petunia’s hair curlers. And Hagrid’s pink umbrella! ::laughs::

Gringotts, of course, is magnificent. I don’t like the cobwebs on the chandeleir, but the goblins are very well done.

The feather scene! Oh, the expression on Ron’s face is PRICELESS here! And I love Hermione’s smirk. My only complaint is that Emma’s (Hermione’s) hair isn’t bushy enough and the feather looks a bit fake. If it’s being pushed through the air, shouldn’t the fluffy bits move?

Hagrid again! He’s just so huge! ::hugs computer screen:: That image of Harry, Ron, and Hermione all staring up at him as they walk is classic.

The cathedral-like exterior is beautiful. And I absolutely love Hedwig.

Okay, another compaint. Is that supposed to be the Forbidden Forest? I don’t think the trees are nearly large enough. And Fang (is that Fang?) is way too small, in my opinion. And who’s the lantern guy? Logic says it’s Hagrid, but he isn’t nearly Hagrid’s size. No comments on the next shot.

Whee! It’s DRACO! And he has blond hair and a slight widow’s peak. Aww, we love our evil antagonistic one-dimensional characters! Tom Felton looks pretty good, actually. I was worried, because the last film I saw him perform in was Anna and the King, and he didn’t look remotely Malfoy-ish. Is that Neville in the foreground?

WOO! Another incredibly nifty goblin! I think this is Warwick Davis.

Erm…the scream shot? No way. What are they screaming about? It can’t be Fluffy, because Neville would be with them and they’d be wearing pajamas. And why isn’t Dan looking in the same direction as Rupert and Emma? And his scream is least believeable. I’m really getting confident in Rupert Grint. He has great expression.

Erm…they’re running? Through a classroom? Good for them.

Woo! A broomstick. Obviously reverse-action. Just watch it backwards. I must say that I dislike the bludgers and quaffle already. I thought of the bludgers as kind of soft and able to change shape slightly. The ones in here look like miniature cannonballs. No wonder Harry broke his arm in CoS. And why is the quaffle severely dented? But ooh, you can pick out Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle in the big “we’re staring at something” group shot. Right there in the up-front-and-center.

Erm… the Hagrid/Harry “boy who lived” scene is a bit cheesy. Pitiful reaction on Dan’s part. I’m trying to remain positive about all this, but I’m not as happy about Daniel Radcliffe at the moment. He needs a really high powered hair dryer and a representative of the 1980’s to mess up his hair.

Hurray, it’s the lovely Gryffindor banners. How lovely. They’re going to need a hat lost-and-found after this scene.

::gasp:: IS THAT A WEASLEY TWIN??? There, next to Dan in the “I’m happy and I’m surrounded by other happy people” shot. And on Dan’s other side is a boy with dreadlocks, who would probably be Lee Jordan. Seems logical! I think that kid in the background in the blue sweater REALLY wanted to get into this movie.

It just occured to me how far away November 16th is. Drat.

Nancy lent me the X/1999 manga (part 1) in English! Yay! And they have 2-6 at Lone Star, the local comic book store. God, I love CLAMP.

I’m so extremely cold. I’m wearing my warmest PJs, my Jedi robe, toe socks, fuzzy slippers, and an electric blanket, but I’m still freezing my buns off. If I get sick I’ll be seriously ticked off.