As you imagine studying engineering, you probably hope for a school that offers a first-class education with superior facilities and innovative teaching. Elanor, let me tell you something you might not realize: Colorado School of Mines can offer all that…and more.

Yup. It’s college time for Ellie. For the last few weeks, my fellow Sophomores and I have been bombarded with stacks of letters, all bearing official-looking college seals and carrying desperate messages pleading for our consideration (money) to attend their school. Frankly, I thought the Colorado School of Mines was a joke. It’s not. I’m incredibly amused. Especially because their acronym CSM; the same as the Cigarette Smoking Man on the X-Files. ::snickers to herself::

So! If you ever find yourself in a bit of a quandry of where to attend college, remember the Colorado School of Mines. After all, “CSM offers an intimate, active, and modern campus along with the excitement of Denver and the Rocky Mountain West. We don’t think there’s a better place to be…”

God help us all.