::sends telepathic bootiekick waves to Mike:: Stop being a jerk to Danna! Ermmm…. it might be nice to know who I’m talking to. ::sigh:: That’s just the difficulties of being a Defender of RMLers (TM).

Does anyone care?:
Movie: Shadow of the Vampire. Sucks. Don’t see it.
Book: The Amber Spyglass. Awesome. I wish I had a monkey! Just like Mrs. Coulter! Only hers is evil, and I want mine to be good.
CD: Aida. I stole my mom’s copy because I lost mind. (my, that’s an interesting typo)
Free Time Vacuum: The mirror for my website. I don’t trust stas.net any further than I could throw Hagrid. And the Draco Sinister manga. And schoolwork, of course!