The less said about yesterday, the better. It certainly wasn’t a bad day, but it was just peppered by a series of tiny disappointments, mitigated with enough happy that I don’t feel justified in complaining, but which still really bug me.

CollegeBoxes is giving me the distinct impression that they’re never going to find my stuff. It isn’t dire, as practically everything I have identified as missing is replaceable, except for the Paul Kidby “Discworld Family Values” poster, autographed by Pterry himself. I’ll just have to hope he comes back through Philly to promote Unseen Academicals or whatever comes next, as it’s definitely not on the list for the Wintersmith tour.

My Physics professor, for some inexplicable reason, rescheduled our final exam for two hours after I was supposed to fly home for Christmas. I hope I can find a flight to replace it.

The Digital Figure Modeling class was cancelled, so I can’t do my Independent Study. I’ll try again in the Spring.

Looking over my CPG for something to replace said Independent Study, I realized that I’m still missing a Math elective, whereas I thought last semester would be my last Math class. Joy.

Though on the bright side, I won a promo code to download the Heroes pilot, and I just heard about Pan’s Labyrinth, which looks totally awesome. And my booxes of books finally arrived, plus two of my course books from Amazon, which is being unusually slow for some reason.

Back at Penn! For once, there was no plane drama. Instead, the great drama stemmed from CollegeBoxes storage service, which has temporarily misplaced my big tube containing all my posters, a suitcase full of clothes, and an enormous box full of odds and ends, including all my extension cords and surge protectors, my three-corner pillow, alarm clock, lamp, trash can, and some other stuff I can’t remember. They also broke my fruit bowl and broke the glass on my framed image of Death. I’ve had fantastic service from them the previous two years, but this is not cool at all.