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From Twitter 03-19-2010

  • 08:02:21: RT @threadless: The @threadless $10 sale starts in LESS THAN ONE DAY!!! (RT for a chance at a $100 gift code)
  • 11:28:54: @ShannonKButcher Sounds lovely! Have a great time! We’re in the high 60s in NYC–perfect walking weather.
  • 12:10:20: “Cauliflower Gratin, Gouda, and Spec Pizza with Crispy Shallots”? Blake and Todd’s, I love you, but you are crazy. Hmm, where to order…
  • 14:09:52: @spodalicious We don’t bring food in to work. You’ll have to be jealous of a different meal!
  • 14:59:25: *look of horror* My earlier tweet to @spodalicious was retweeted by @RandomSpotlight, subbing in “2 B” for “to be.” Hamlet wept.
  • 16:32:47: RT @dresdenfiles: On March 23rd you will get our biggest advance peek of the Dresden Files RPG yet!
  • 17:50:19: Woohoo! Weekend workload isn’t as intense as we feared, so I’ll be able to do both training walks. 13 miles Sat and 7 on Sunday. Bring it!
  • 18:02:57: Ha! No way! I pitched this idea to my coworkers last week. XD
  • 18:12:32: RT @laughingsquid: Fonts That Match The Dog
  • 23:44:37: Woohoo! Great conversation and lots of laughs at @Uilos’ 24th birthday party. Hope it was a good one, Craig!

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From Twitter 03-18-2010

  • 00:48:18: RT @mightykatemusic: @fourteenacross I will definitely do Abracadabra in my next ULWMK – probably post another this Friday // YAY!!!
  • 11:55:28: NOOOOOOO. The server crashed, and when it came back, so did the evil bug that made Firefox a horror. The bug was fixed a week ago! Go away!
  • 11:59:08: Holy stromboli. Before I sent out a single email, I met my #AvonWalk fundraising goal of $2,000. Upping that goal to $5,000! Thank you!
  • 13:13:22: RT @jonrog1: @boymonster @fredhicks just bought y our stuff on rpgnow. Nice, and yes, that’s how I like my crunch. // Victory! Congrats.
  • 14:05:09: Have Verizon’s “Big Red” jingle stuck in my head. Is the purpose of that ad to make me want to attack their creative team with a spork?
  • 15:12:39: NASA Rocket Scientists + Photoshop = extreme coolness!
  • 16:18:19: RT @laughingsquid: the Na’vi from Avatar playing Chatroulette
  • 18:11:40: I’m salivating already. After work, doing a 5 mile walk with @spodalicious and Jen, ending at Fred’s: home of the mac & cheese of the GODS.
  • 18:32:09: @fredhicks *laughs* Nope! I won’t be pestering you until May 1st and 2nd. :D
  • 19:00:52: @ShannonKButcher Why hello there! Great cover!
  • 23:15:15: Woah! I only planned to walk 4, maybe 5 miles today. All told, I ended up walking just shy of 7. No power in the ‘verse!
  • 23:21:08: P.S. My addiction to the Google Maps Pedometer site is sick and should be squelched immediately.

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From Twitter 03-17-2010

  • 00:04:43: @ksmccarthy24 That makes me think of Denethor’s “Go now and die in what way seems best to you.” :D
  • 07:49:35: @Asselberghs That is correct! Well, 20-ish, give or take a novel.
  • 08:07:57: Got bears! Got books! Got mah walkin’ shoes! It’s off to work I go!
  • 09:16:08: Freaking OW. Walked to work again, but with half a mile left, my left calf was consumed in a cramp of DOOM. Managed to walk it off, but meh.
  • 09:24:09: @SheckyX Nope, cramps never bothered me during the longer walks. And I had a banana with breakfast! The luck of the Irish is not with me.
  • 09:32:39: @issshhhhh Better hope Michelle doesn’t see that tweet. :D
  • 09:53:13: “Kick Jorge in the chest and shout ‘This is Sparta.’ I just want to try an experiment.” –Cameron
  • 10:00:14: RT @vampirecowboys: What?!? The opening weekend of ALICE IN SLASHERLAND is sold out? It’s true! Tix for the remaining 12 perfs available …
  • 10:16:14: RT @denofgeek: Our request to Hollywood: can we have fewer talking CG animals now please?
  • 10:44:15: – So it begins! The first dozen of what will be a hundred bagpipers, right outside my office!
  • 11:00:17: Did I mention they’re going to be playing for like six hours? Because I should mention they’re going to be playing for like six hours.
  • 11:15:21: Dear People on My Followers List Who Like Bagpipe Music, WHY? Love, Priscilla
  • 11:32:48: @bomburjo Yup! 45th&5th.The bagpipers chill on 45th until parade time. It’s going to take approximately twelve years for us to get lunch. :D
  • 11:55:45: @caseyreuter I would offer to trade seats, but… you’re in mocap. :D Wonder how loud it is on 3…
  • 12:43:54: @ShannonKButcher *cheers*
  • 14:09:20: I think my bagpipe hate comes from my sister’s swim team days. Meets were opened w/ 3 bagpipers in an echoing, sound-magnifying natatorium.
  • 14:52:19: @SheckyX I can’t tell the difference between skilled and unskilled bagpiping. It’s all cat-strangling to me.
  • 15:08:35: A coworker just came to me, asking where one of the dogs was. Instead of, say, the dog’s owner. XD Puppy O’Clock’s reputation has grown!
  • 15:26:50: An artist from Maryland publishes a graph of the elements in her dreams: (@infobeautiful)
  • 16:16:05: RT @MickeydotFinn: FANTASTIC Photos from Terry Pratchett’s Going Postal, supposedly airing Easter (against the new Doctor ?!?) on Sky O …
  • 18:30:16: OH MY GOD, WHY IS MIKE ROWE KISSING A BEAR. My job is hard, y’all.
  • 18:42:37: – Huzzah! The bands are marching out! Can I remove my headphones yet?
  • 21:05:40: Thanks to Norah Jemisin, Ellen Datlow, @EllenKushner, and Michael Shea for participating in Project Teddybear!
  • 23:29:07: @ksmccarthy24 I’m on now! Whatcha need, loffie?

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From Twitter 03-16-2010

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From Twitter 03-15-2010

  • 00:42:25: Ha! You’d like this, @longshotauthor. A flowchart depicting Harry Dresden’s approach to combat:
  • 01:06:46: Preorder new Dresden audios from @buzzymultimedia: Support an indy store, save $, and delight your ears!
  • 01:19:49: Believe I set a speed record in buying Dresden audio trio. @BuzzyMultimedia got me into Dresden; they deserve my love and money. And yours.
  • 01:24:12: @myyrdneopia Write, write, write! @SheckyX and I aren’t *that* funny! :D
  • 01:25:09: @myyrdneopia Love works! I’m sure they appreciate the RT.
  • 01:34:27: @ksmccarthy24 *flings gorgeous man on a boat on a horse with armfuls of diamonds and tickets to that thing you love at you*
  • 01:36:07: @ksmccarthy24 Yes. It is the boat he is on. With the horse.
  • 02:05:37: @ksmccarthy24 Figure and Thomas posted, like a good playerminion!
  • 08:24:19: @Dark_Puck Fred and Christie’s Evie is cuter. :D
  • 09:36:46: RT @dinosaurcomics: But man, what makes us so interesting?
  • 10:11:08: @Esperacchius Fingers crossed, man. And hey, she’s in good company with David Beckham!
  • 10:51:53: Lovely. Everyone I know online votes Priscellie, and everyone IRL votes PriscillaSpencer. Should I do both+ split personal and professional?
  • 11:00:05: @Uilos My host allows me to maintain 3 sites for one low price. <3 Dreamhost.
  • 11:30:29: @holajupiter I like the way you think!
  • 11:36:47: @Esperacchius This is a dude who named a race “Mon Calamari.” “Endor” is the least of his sins. :D
  • 11:37:01: RT @holajupiter: @priscellie how about something subtle and professional like ?
  • 11:42:56: Happy Birthday to @Uilos! And Happy Ides of March! Make a cake out of a Caesar salad. Et tu, Birthday?
  • 11:52:54: RT @denofgeek: Summer Glau signs up for new superhero show – woo-hoo!
  • 16:32:01: @AnneSowards Thank goodness! I just reorganized my bookshelves, and @longshotauthor has two to himself. Now I don’t feel quite so silly. :D
  • 16:43:00: RT @AnnLarimer Disney princesses get a Mean Girls makeover via @sharethis // This is AMAZING.
  • 16:58:02: RT @TimeOutNewYork: What to do with your broken umbrella: Problem solved! (via @theglossdotcom)
  • 17:05:53: RT @WendyNYC: I’m terribly saddened by this article in The Economist: The Worldwide War on Baby Girls.
  • 18:05:08: Man. The more details the media uncovers about the Edwards scandal, the more awkward I feel that this image exists:
  • 18:13:17: @fourteenacross – DECAFFEINATE! DECAFFEINATE!
  • 18:42:03: RT @USA_Network: “Facing Kate” starring Sarah Shahi, Michael Trucco, Virginia Williams and Baron Vaughn has been picked up! More info: h …
  • 19:08:16: @boymonster I just laughed out loud at that and choked on spit. It was glamorous.
  • 21:49:01: @myyrdneopia It is not my piano to give. :D And if I wanted to scour the image from the face of the earth, I wouldn’t have tweeted it.
  • 21:49:27: @SheckyX Industrious Gnomes and Magic!
  • 22:04:37: RT @thinkgeek: Random: Don’t make us look dumb to aliens Google goats & more open source easter eggs
  • 22:16:23: Oh, good lord. BWPub is STILL campaigning for Dresden TV renewal. BRB, banging head against a wall until I draw blood.
  • 22:17:18: RT @JHOCHE: RT @boomstudios “Did you hear??? ‘DARKWING DUCK’ Returns In Comic Form With New Miniseries’
  • 22:20:08: They are so deep in denial I’m surprised they haven’t drowned and been eaten by Sobek, the crocodile god.
  • 22:31:27: @mkcurry They did? I thought they had another year. Even better!
  • 22:56:53: I can’t get the bit of Beethoven’s 7th used in “The Fall” out of my head. Wish there was a soundtrack I could buy. May rip the audio myself.
  • 23:09:16: Hey, the version used in “The Fall” is on YouTube in its entirety! Bless you, YouTube.

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From Twitter 03-14-2010

  • 00:07:23: @beckyh2112 CRIVEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNS!!!!
  • 00:10:02: @ksmccarthy24 Will you have time to get on AIM sometime tonight? I have FG questions.
  • 12:05:37: @ksmccarthy24 Sure thing!
  • 12:26:03: @longshotauthor WOOHOO! Enjoy your victory, for it is well deserved!
  • 12:56:42: ARG! Why must you toy with me, weather gods? I saw the gorgeous weather and rejoiced that I’d get some good walking in. Then: rain! D:
  • 12:57:49: RT @hodgman: RT @veronica Best headline ever: Gold Nanoparticles and Lasers Kill Crazy Cat Lady Brain Parasite /via …
  • 12:58:54: @hodgman @veronica Another contender for Best Headline Ever: Skywalkers in Korea Cross Han Solo
  • 13:08:28: @SpanoMano Should we? It’s not like yawns spread disease or flash unwanted views of macerated food particles at those around us.
  • 13:28:58: @beachkid *gasp* I would’ve missed it! Thank you!
  • 13:36:43: Happy Pi Day, Twitterwebs! Hmm, I should bake a pie to bring to work tomorrow. Wonder if I can find a moderately healthsome recipe?
  • 13:38:56: RT @JHOCHE: Hello Ladies. RT @KevinConn “My Old Spice parody ad” // EPIC HILARITY!
  • 13:40:52: Also epic yum! @KevinConn’s ad just convinced me to buy a dozen “Lava Roid” comics and see @JHOCHE’s fine figure in Titus Andronicus. XD
  • 13:45:12: @Jamie1km I didn’t say “healthy;” I said “moderately healthsome.” There’s a difference. :D
  • 14:43:26: Copperbadge has a fantastic blog post about immediate and long-term grief in storytelling:
  • 14:44:56: Woah. Pi Day is also Einstein’s Birthday? This explains SO MUCH.
  • 14:48:53: @longshotauthor Funnel cake… fries? This is one of those things I don’t want to know about, like Fried Coke and Fried Butter, yes?
  • 15:10:32: @Uilos Not at all! It’s a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake!
  • 15:23:09: With Blogger shutting down FTP, I’d been waffling over if I should go with Blogspot or a managed domain, or just go to WordPress.
  • 15:23:32: But as Blogger has been increasingly difficult to deal with, WordPress is looking increasingly appealing. I’ll start the legwork tonight.
  • 16:21:21: – If you work here, do you have a wackjob?
  • 18:59:30: I just got a letter from the Census, informing me that I should expect a letter from the Census. Most useless mailing ever.
  • 19:01:17: RT @Uilos: A photo of me is up for an award, please vote for it! // I voted!
  • 19:15:23: Huh. Not sure why I would be following a certain account. Not only are the tweets irrelevant to my interests, but they use “Sneak Peak.”
  • 20:09:47: RT @ebertchicago: – You know you want it. The steampunk earpiece for iPod.
  • 21:30:55: I’ve decided I’m getting rid of in favor of something more me-ish, suitable for both fandom and professional life.
  • 21:32:04: I like, but some misspell it: Do I go for it? Or do something safe and lame like
  • 21:34:16: @JHOCHE Well, if there’s ever a play that would drive someone to drink, “Titus Andronicus” is it. XD
  • 21:35:00: @SheckyX is domain-parked.
  • 21:35:56: @ksmccarthy24 To be fair, he’d been touring for a week. I doubt he could spell his own name at that point. :D
  • 21:41:54: @Beq He didn’t even get it right then! It’s every bit as massacred as the previous attempts!
  • 22:08:59: @beckyh2112 I love that poem. Johnny Depp recites part of it in a thick Scottish accent, and it is hot.
  • 22:19:40: @highlander_ii *flings love at you* Thanks again for getting it signed for me! It’s my favourite autograph. :D
  • 22:31:41: @nataliemorales Why are you :(-ing? Now octopi can enjoy White Collar and Middleman!

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From Twitter 03-13-2010

  • 00:05:52: Woah! N.K. Jemisin’s “The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms” is only the first in a trilogy? I love these kinds of surprises!
  • 00:07:53: Looking forward to meeting her at this month’s KGB:
  • 11:11:45: Oh, man. I slept HARD last night. There’s something about rain that makes sure I feel the weight of every hour. LIfe is good.
  • 11:16:06: According to @JewelStaite, Hollywood is making a Gilligan’s Island movie. Dear Hollywood, Please stop kicking my childhood in the face.
  • 11:16:35: @jimsissy Clearly, you raised your kids right. :D
  • 11:30:13: @fredhicks Yay! Happy Birthday, Evie!
  • 11:33:20: RT @ebertchicago: Simply a great two-minute film, even if it is a commercial.
  • 11:37:13: @nataliemorales Fear not; you wear it far better than she does!
  • 11:43:02: @ravenofoctober Grand Central was creepily empty on MLK Day. A great “Ha ha, you have to work when no one else does!” from the Universe.
  • 11:46:36: “…a play about a pretty Quaker girl and a politically idealistic bloodsucker, performed to Paula Abdul songs.” I <3 NY.
  • 16:28:21: Boo, rain. Cold and windy and miserable. That laundry list of errands is going to have to wait.
  • 16:29:42: Lunch was fun, though! Ate at Dafni with @Uilos, @SheckyX, @Sue_Sue4, and Neurovore from the forum. Good stuff.
  • 16:45:27: The window is open, so my apartment has a brisk chill to it. Don’t know if I should close the window or curl up with a Slanket and tea.
  • 16:47:19: @MickeydotFinn How cool! Have a great time!
  • 16:54:34: Utah Gov Signs Controversial Law Charging Women With Murder for Miscarriages // Dear Utah, Die in a fire. No love, me
  • 16:55:22: @boymonster It’s like a Snuggie: a blanket with arms.
  • 17:06:30: RT @jeffeastin: – This made me laugh hard: McCaffrey & Burke Bar and Grill on 31st in Long Island City.
  • 18:23:47: @feliciaday You could be feliciabyday. By night, SHE FIGHTS CRIME!
  • 18:36:04: Was just sent pictures of the Coolest Freaking Thing In The Universe. I can’t wait until I can share! Just two weeks…
  • 19:31:32: I have spent waaaaaay too much time watching @RiceBunny’s awesome makeup tutorials. Can’t wait to integrate them into my cosplay!
  • 20:05:18: Okay, time for RESPONSIBILITIES. *puts on beta hat*
  • 21:33:07: @ksmccarthy24 Summer and Nathan? I c whut u did thar. :D
  • 22:16:09: @utilitygeek I have a bunch! Molly and Maeve from Dresden, Kaylee, Zoe, and River from Firefly, Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas…
  • 22:16:23: @utilitygeek …movieverse Nightcrawler, Delirium from Sandman, Wendy from the Middleman comic, and Professor Trelawney from Harry Potter.
  • 22:19:05: @Owlswing38 Not yet. This is the final part in “Aftermath,” the Murphy-POV, post-“Changes” novelette exclusive to the upcoming anthology.
  • 22:23:18: RT @ebertchicago: Head of Catholic Health Assn. says abortion wording in HC “doesn’t justify opposing a pro-life issue and a human right …
  • 23:40:22: @ksmccarthy24 THE FUTURE HAPPENED. *sparky lights and robot noises*
  • 23:47:14: @ksmccarthy24 FG is Picard-approved! Make it so!
  • 23:50:28: @Dark_Puck On behalf of the Universe, I love you!

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Okay, this is getting ridiculous. I haven’t blogged in such a long time that my brain has decided my return needs to be grandiose and epic and cerebral, coupled with a vow to continue blogging every such and such per unit time increment blah blah blah. As a result, I’m thwarting myself before I even begin. Blogging should be fun, not an added stress. Let’s go from there.

So! Recap! For those who have been ignoring my blog in the absence of actual human communication, here’s what’s going on.


Let’s start with the day job! I’m still at Launch in NYC. We have some new faces in Asset Land (we fused Character and Prop Lands), and I remain second in command. Over time, I’ve slowly become to go-to girl for celebrities, and I’ve gotten to create representations of Robert Pattinson, Heidi Klum, Reese Witherspoon, Tiger Woods (pre-scandal, natch), Roger Federer, Jaime Lee Curtis, J.K. Simmons, Bette Midler, and a bunch of Nascar racers whose names I can’t remember, to name a few.

Just before the holidays, I was moved to a new seat, which is a source of frustration. My previous seat was in front of a window–a window ten feet from another building, but a window nonetheless. I could see the sky reflected in another window! I could kind of see the weather, if precipitation was heavy enough! It was great! My new seat is in the corner of a cramped, windowless pit. I have a whole laundry list of complaints, but it even makes me roll my eyes, so I’m not about to post it on the internet, for fear of being subjected to the world’s tiniest string orchestra.

So instead, I’ll focus your attention on the light amidst this darkness: coworker Erica brings her one-year-old Maltese to work, and every day around 5 I’ll declare “Puppy O’Clock” and indulge in some quality snuggling and petting time. While I’d jump at the chance to move to the shiny new 15th floor, with its ergonomic chairs, spacious setup, high-res monitors, brand-spanking-new Wacom tablets, and soaring picture window view of midtown Manhattan, I’ll make do with puppy love for now. Also, my coworkers are hilarious and have fantastic banter, and I hear it’s a lot quieter on 15. I guess it all balances out.


As for Fandom-Land, last year, I created a map for the Codex Alera, which was published in First Lord’s Fury, the sixth and final novel in the series. It will also be included in upcoming reprints of the first four books! I still haven’t gotten over how awesome this is. Every time I visit a bookstore, I have to find Jim’s books, and if they have a copy, I have to open it to the map and be struck all over again with the fact that MY ART IS IN A #7 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING NOVEL and squee like a maniac. Yes, I am lame, but I have awesome-cred to back it up.

I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback and my fair share of criticism, but my favourite bit of praise came from the blog of a soon-to-be-published author, who was in the process of creating her own map for her fantasy novel. She was studying aspects of other fantasy maps to get her brain-juices flowing, and the three maps she gave particular attention were from the Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of the Rings, and FIRST LORD’S FURY. One of these things is not like the other! I tell myself it’s because FLF was published more recently and was therefore readier in folks’ memory, but that’s some pretty flattering company. It’s one thing for folks to admire an illustration I created–it’s a whole different kettle of fish for it to inspire someone else!

I also made an artistic contribution to the upcoming Dresden Files RPG, masterminded by my friend Fred Hicks. It’s the Gruffs from Small Favor. I need to get back in the swing of doing art outside of work. Sure, the fifty-plus-hour work week makes me not want to go near Photoshop when I get home, but it’s the only way I’ll grow.

And another development since I last blogged: I actually wrote something! My disappointing entry to Yuletide 2008 must’ve rattled my confidence, because I didn’t post anything for ten months following it. Sure, I dabbled, but I never brought anything to completion. 5/6 of the way through the year, I did! I organized a Codex Alera ficathon in an effort to generate some fanfiction before the series concluded, and I wrote an Araris-centric fic called “Fading Away.” For Yuletide, I redeemed myself with “Looking Out,” a Spook story that appears to be the first non-crossover fanfic in the Mistborn fandom. Oh, pioneers! Then Kait did a Writing Chat Thingy and I wrote “Letters,” a highly amusing ficlet in which Tavi and Kitai confront the frustrations of grammar.


I started pitching in with my friend Lisa Spodak’s fundraising for the Avon Walk back in July, and over the following months, Lisa finally cajoled me into taking a much more active role in the charity. I’m going to walk in the D.C. event May 1-2, which I’m now training for. I’m so proud of myself; not only am I going to be raising money for a very important cause, but I’m also on an actual exercise regimen, something I haven’t been able to stick to in the past. It’s great to have a goal.

Back in 2004, Lisa created Project Teddybear, in which she collects autographs and photos of celebrities with an Avon Walks bear, which she auctions off on eBay, with all funds going to the charity. I’ve contributed to her efforts by collecting the cast and creator of The Middleman, Billy Boyd of Lord of the Rings, Jorge Garcia of Lost, Robin Thorsen of The Guild, Rick Holmes, and Jim Piddock.

Of course, because of my connections to geeky literature fandom, I’m branching out with Project Teddybear: Geek Lit Edition. (I’m still looking for a good name.) In addition to the photo with a bear, I bring a book for the author to sign–usually the first in a series or their most recent release. I’ve nabbed Jim and Shannon Butcher (The Dresden Files, The Codex Alera, a host of increasingly enjoyable, genre-crossing romance novels), Jane Espenson (Buffy, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, and more), Pat Rothfuss (The Name of the Wind), Jasper Fforde (the Thursday Next series, Shades of Grey), Lev Grossman (The Magicians, David Anthony Durham (Acacia), Brandon Sanderson (the Mistborn series, The Gathering Storm–also signed for PTB by collaborators Harriet McDougal and Maria Simmons), John Hodgman (Areas of My Expertise), Eoin Colfer (the Artemis Fowl series, And Another Thing), and probably a few others who have slipped my mind. At the most recent KGB Fantastic Fiction event, Ellen Kushner was eager to participate, but I didn’t have any of her books on hand, so it’ll have to wait until next month. I also hope to get Ellen Datlow, Terri Windling, and guest authors N.K. Jemisin and Michael Shea.


In addition to my increased attendance at book signings, I’m also going to a lot of music events. Leading up to the release of her new album, Katy Pfaffl aka “Mighty Kate” held an abundance of gigs, many of which I’ve uploaded to YouTube, with her permission. I also saw Vienna Teng, Lenka, Billy Boyd’s band Beecake, Regina Spektor, Kristin Chenoweth, Jonathan Coulton with Paul and Storm, and… does a sing-along of Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog with Joss Whedon count? How about a performance of Lemony Snicket’s The Composer is Dead? Though I saw that a looooong time ago, so maybe not. I also saw a taping of Inside the Actor’s Studio with James Cameron, which is not even remotely close to a music event, but I didn’t know where else to mention it.

Hmm, what else has happened? I got my first-ever cavities! And I had a torrid affair with an ocelot, because NO ONE, NOT EVEN MY PARENTS, could possibly be still reading at this point. It’s more a historical document for myself. I also failed to blog about San Diego Comic Con, ConDFW (in which I moderated two panels, go me!), and my trip to D.C. for the Inauguration. I’ll see if I can dig up the half-written entries and finish them at some point in the near future. Or not. Whatever.

Don’t forget to floss!