In my absence, they reimaged my computer at work. The following are no longer functional:

  • Maya — there’s a licensing issue and it refuses to open
  • Photoshop — apparently I wasn’t supposed to have a license in the first place. Not so problematic, but definitely irritating.
  • My Email — not letting me log in
  • My mouse (!!!) — pathetic to begin with, it finally stopped responding altogether. In the meantime, I’m using a mouse I brought from home.

    On the other hand, they finally installed Mozilla, which fills my heart with sunbeams. And at least I have plenty of assignments! Which I will dive into when stuff is actually working. Now where are those tech guys…

  • Off to my aunt and uncle’s place in Colorado! I’ll be back Sunday afternoon. Don’t burn anything while I’m gone!

    Major congrats to Joe and Jimmy of Comic News Insider! Episode 50, woohoo! Check it out, and be sure to plug your ears and hum loudly during my congratulatory message, as I sound like a total dweeb. :D

    And unrelated, but for potential Psych fans: USA is holding a Psych marathon this Saturday, starting at 12:30 PM EST and continuing to 8 PM. You know you want to!

    Interesting that the battery I’ve been using the past year is one of the flawed ones, and the backup battery I thought I’d need but haven’t touched until now is perfectly safe.

    Find out here if your battery is subject to recall, too.

    More sqeeful stuff for that last week of September:

    • Series 2 of the new Doctor Who premieres in the US on SciFi September 29th at 9/8c. It’ll be a two hour season premiere: The Christmas Invasion followed by New Earth.
    • My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding, a short story collection featuring one by Jim Butcher (presumably about the marriage of werewolves Billy and Georgia), comes out October 3rd.

    I honestly believe that week is going to explode from the awesome.

    Edit: Though Renata points out that ASoUE #13 comes out October 13th (Friday!), not October 1st. Stupid Amazon lists the first on their Search page but the 13th on the individual page for the book. (It also lists The Beatrice Letters as coming out on September 1st on their Search Page but the 5th on the individual page. What kind of crack are you smoking, Amazon?) Thank you, Renata! I’m so glad I didn’t place my massive preorder yet! :D

    So remind me. Why haven’t we caught Osama bin Laden yet? Oh yeah! Because the war in Iraq is making us safer!