The Walt Disney Co. is planning to revive traditional hand-drawn animation next year with its live-action/animated Enchanted, Disney watcher Jim Hill reported on his website today (Wednesday). A traditionally animated test sequence has already been created for the film by veteran Disney animator James Baxter, best known for his supervision of the character Belle in Beauty and the Beast, according to Hill. “And those who have seen this particular piece of rough animation say that it is ‘simply stunning. A wonderful throwback to the sort of films that Disney used to make.'” Baxter, Hill said, has been secretly working on the sequence with a small crew at his own studio in Pasadena, and, he added, his work is likely to be displayed by Pixar’s John Lasseter and Ed Catmull as they make their well-known case for reviving hand-drawn animation to Disney chief Robert Iger. Said Hill: “They’re going to tell Iger: ‘Doesn’t that look terrific? People are really going to eat this picture up. They’ve been waiting for Disney to do a new film that features traditional animation. Which is why this movie is going to do HUGE box office next year.'”

Now if only they’d revive their musical tradition!

Haha, silly bookstore clerk pronounces Sci-Fi like “sky-fi”!

So this month’s Sci-Fi Magazine has articles on Paul Blackthorne (of The Dresden Files TV movie), Nathan Fillion, Kristen Bell, and David Tennant. Somebody knows what I like.

And other squeeful news: I’MA GONNA SEE THE DAILY SHOW FILMED ON MARCH 14TH!!!

Dear Writers of House and Grey’s Anatomy,

Are you guys having torrid affairs with each other and letting slip precious information about the obscure medical ailments your characters will face? Because the overlap is just getting creepy.

(Of course, House is several trillion times better than Grey’s, so this isn’t really a problem, but whatever)


Bwee! My Figure Modeling critique went swimmingly. I feel that my model was one of the strongest, if not the strongest of our class. I still have a lot of work to do before the end of the semester, but still. Whoo!

And afterwards, I asked my professors to check the anatomy in my latest CG. One of the characters is in a rather difficult pose, and I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t making any mistakes. Everything more-or-less passed muster, and I got some lovely compliments! Hopefully, I’ll finish the image the next few days. I’m quite pleased with it so far!