Oh, WOW. Two weeks of durr?-inducing Math just clicked. The action of clicking actually hurt my brain, like some kind of metal part snapped. But yay, stuff makes sense now! Except the last two problems of the homework, which make sense, but I just have no idea how to solve them. :D

I think that when a TA has to cancel office hours, she should have to find someone to take her place. Just a thought.

Veronica Mars. Capes and a sidecar. Someone PLEASE Photoshop that so I don’t have to!

Good god I love this show.

As for Lost, even though it was a Kate episode, I really should have paid more attention, rather than just listening to the audio while chatting online, taking only occasional glances at the screen. I completely missed shirtless!Jin, which is a tragedy. To the BitTorrent, Robin! Also: Sayid on TV? Maybe he won the lottery, too! Or maybe they were watching Bride and Prejudice or The Kama Sutra, both of which are very appropriate for military installations.

But heeeeey! The little swivel mirror I have next to my laptop for whenever I’m doing facial modeling/animation can be easily moved a few inches to reflect my TV! Why didn’t I think of that last night?