Does anyone happen to know a magical, mystical, benevolent, beautiful, blue fairy that could make the next two days of my life not suck?

Tomorrow: CSE midterm. Have I even cracked the books to start studying? No. When will studying begin? After rehearsal ends at 11, because I took a nap for the three hours between classes today. I want to go to sleep for a year.

Friday: Design docs for our next Virtual World design game. Not very difficult, but time consuming.

Friday: Unrendered rat walk cycle. Even if I had nothing else due, I would still be dead in this regard. In modeling the rat, I realized that aspects of my skeleton were completely wrong, so I basically have to redo the entire walk cycle.

Special Happy Fun Bonus: Because two rehearsals have been cancelled due to snow, we’re having to scramble to make up for lost time. Rehearsal will most certainly extend from 7 to 11 each night. I doubt I’ll be able to miss any more this week, as I missed one due to illness and the other due to academics.

Because I’m young, I’m hungry, and a Cedar Waxwing!

Woo! I pick up the phone to call to chew them out about tnm.n’s downtime, and then boom, it’s back! Huzzah!

I am switching hosts like nobody’s business. Most likely to Dreamhost, as Renata and many others have suggested. Before I switch, anyone else have any hosts to rec? Preferably around the $6/month range?

Wow! It’s New Pilot Week for the Firefly crew!

Gina Torres is a soccer mom. Ooookay.

Alan Tudyk is a Philadelphia singleton. Whatever you say.

Sean Maher is a chief resident at a hospital. *stares* *writes and deletes at least eight variants of scathing remarks along the lines of how IT WORKED THE FIRST TIME and resigns self to taking deep, cleansing breaths and just waiting for Serenity like a good fangirl.

*chokes* David must know that he just made every fangirl’s day. And the inevitable followup!

This comes at a nice time, considering my disappointment at my computer for refusing to recognize the burned DVD of “Chance” that arrived in the mail yesterday. And the movie apparently features James-in-a-dress? I am so entertained. Anyway, I’ll have to see if it works on one of the newer computers at home… Jimmy is getting up there in the years, so frankly I’m not surprised that he acts weirdly around burned DVDs.

Well, the answer to the last question was “no,” but at least now, I can hold down foods (I could eat soup! Go me!) and walk around the dorm and stay awake for hours at a time! Yeah, it’s amazing what something like 27 hours of sleep will do for a person. And I’ve got myself a cozy little setup: relaxing in bed, propped up against a three-corner pillow, covered in blankets, typing away on my laptop. Life is good.

Mmmm. Feeling much better. Now I have an hour to determine if “much better” translates to “well enough to go to class.”