W00t! My Dallas lovelies: Tickets are now on sale at Fandango for the midnight showing of PoA at both Loews! So who wants to go?

Let The Hobbit Happen.

Spread the link around. It can’t hurt! (Though they might need to shift their attention to Sony, considering their plans to buy MGM…)

I wonder if WETA Digital will be hiring in three years.

Just got back from turning in my Film Noir writing portfolio! I am so good! And now, only two exams left! Math and Visual Communications. I’m half-done!

And now, I study and pack!

Pics of the new PoA trading cards are now online. Everyone else has been linking to it, and I am no different.

What is going on here?

My vote goes to either Marriage Proposal, Operatic Seranade, or Tango.


Heidi has penned the next “Bad Place” song, to the tune of “Come What May.” It’s “PoA!

*sings loudly*

More Firefly news!

According to the Dark Horizon website, while attending the “Starfury: Fusion” convention, Nathan Fillion was quoted as saying the $50 million budgeted ‘Serenity’ will not return as a television series should it preforms well at the box office; rather, it’ll become a trilogy of movies.

Filming will begin in June and will shoot for approximately 10 weeks with all nine original Serenity crew members onboard.

‘Serenity’ is expected to premiere during the early part of 2005.

*continuous ear-piercing squeal*